DM: Tam
Players:  Tingork, Eight, Quil, Scritch, Don, Olivia

Scritch has been doing his best to make Uncle Katashaka proud in the fight against those dirty stinky furball Gnolls. Today was no different. We heard reports of Gnolls and their filthy companions to the south along the coast and hired out a boat to scout it out. Our captain was a fancy looking elf Scritch has decided to call Captain McDreamy, because Ms. Olivia kept saying things about wanting to have a nap next to him, so he must give out good dreams or something.

We traveled along the coast, keeping an eye out for signs of Gnoll activity, when we saw a ship that had sailed up upon the shore towards the end of our day. We decided to rest early, and go on the shore ourselves when it was dark to get the jump on them.  During the night, Ms. Olivia was trying to get into a door. Scritch did not know where it went, but she said there was important treasure inside, so Scritch helped her open the door. Like a good friend, Scritch is :). Apparently though, she didn’t find the booty she was looking for as she came out a bit later, looking a bit annoyed.

Regardless, we ended our rest and took some row boats onto shore trying our best to be stealthy on the water. We came up a bit away from the ship we saw and were able to sneak up on some black Kobolds sleeping by the ship. We used magic to make the area silent, it was strange there was no noise at all. But using this we were able to get the jump on them and get rid of those Gnoll helping Kobolds before they knew what hit them.

We searched the ship and afterwards went to go find where the rest of the people on the ship went. Following a trail for a bit we came across some Gnolls, with one of those weird Dwarfs and a special Kobold. They were able to use magic! A special thing among my peoples, which made it weird he wasn’t home helping his clan. Either way he was mean like the rest of them, and Scritch was happy to use Dwayne’s help to put a crossbow bolt in him.

We were able to clear out the Gnolls, and even captured the Dwarf. Miss Don said something about wanting to question them or something. She also took heads of everything we killed… which was very strange. But Miss Don is a very weird and kinda scary lady… So Scritch didn’t say anything, has he didn’t want to get bonked on the head or worse.

There were more Gnolls deeper in, but we wanted to bring the dwarf back alive while we had him. On our way back, some strange Kenku with strong poison attacked us. And by us I mean the dirty Dwarf we were carrying back! It was so rude! They unfortunately killed their own Dwarf friend, but don said he was able to save them or something. It didn’t make much sense to Scritch, but he made sure to shoot those Kenku dead for making his friends lives harder.

We made it back to the ship with Captain McDreamy on it, who Miss Olivia then asked him for a date! I don’t think it went well though :(. We were able to make it back to White Moon Cove without much more happening though, and Scritch lives to keep on fighting for his new clan.