Dungeon Master: Seph

Player Characters: Cober, Eight, Gaz, Karn, Quinn, Tenfoll’at, Twee


Salutations to you who goes through my personal belongings.

I hope you are in my good book (good luck finding that one). My acquaintance, Gaz, organized a trip to check out the Island we discovered the outline of the other day. This time, I recognized everyone on the ship; I haven’t seen Quinn and Twee in a long time, but it is nice to know that they are still surviving in this strange land where anything can attack you.

We set sail from the port in WMC, but for some reason we were moving slower than last time (I wonder if Gaz even knew how to maneuver a ship). On the second day, our peaceful trip was interrupted by a marine vessel speeding towards us. When we moved closer, we quickly identified the ship as a gnoll sea patrol vessel.


I don’t know when you will read this, it might be an important part of history. The inhabitants of Sleeper Island have been trying to protect themselves from gnoll attacks and if you are reading my notes in the correct order, we found a map last time showing us where they are planning on attacking/assembling an army.


The party defended the ship and once we cleared it of all the gnolls; some of us hopped onto the enemies’ vessel. (Disclaimer: I do NOT hop, I misty stepped my way on to the enemies’ ship) After fighting off some more gnolls, we discovered that the ship was loaded with an explosive black powder. In other words, this vessel was a ticking bomb and if we hadn’t done something fast, we would have probably exploded in the middle of nowhere and no one would find us or know what happened. Now my dear audience, pay close attention to this as this is one of my brightest moments. The one and only Tenfoll’at levitated the barrel of black powder and threw it in the sea thus saving the parties’ lives and 2 ships from sinking. Gaz was excited about finding a ship for himself which he named; Titan Uranus. 


We sailed back to somewhere we are all more comfortable with at this time, WMC (Home for some of us). I am pretty certain that the gnolls were coming for me and it was good we dealt with them on the body of water, but who knows what they have been up to. Rumour has it that there are cultists helping them. If that’s true, we might want to seek some help from higher powers too.


I hope you will find more notes from me, I am not done with my work here yet.

You might want to go get some work done yourself!


Stay out of trouble and don’t play with explosives