Gathering at the Axe-N-Thistle

DM- Seph

Leader: Nartzim | Ou-Kan | 6 Sorcerer

Scout: Lone | Glen | 6 Sorcerer

Trailblazer: RBC |Twee | 5 Ranger

Wade | Till | 1Cleric 6 Sorcerer

Geo | IornAle | 5 Barbarian

Canidae | Asterisk | 5 Fighter


Mission- Retrive Ezekiel’s creation called “Mine”

To the Outpost

We traveled south to Spider Reach Outpost to stay the night before heading to Ezekiel’s farm to gather a bit more information on Mine. As we travel we noticed a planned ambush on the road and took action to get the upper hand. Cultists and their pet waiting for someone to walk by. I assumed this was set for our Gnome friend, but he took other means home. We dispatched them fairly quickly and took a captive. We found flourescent purple worm on them.

We hunted for our dinner and shared it with the gaurds as we left the cultist in their care and moved on toward’s the Gnome’s farm

Ezekiel's Farm

We made our way to Ezekiel’s and along the way we ran into a corn farm owned by a man name Daryl Waldrip. He was on edge about the monster lurking and attacking livestock.  We told him we were going to try and subdue the monster and continued to the Gnome’s farm. We got some more info about Mine and then I discussed a conversation I had with Jebb his grandson. When I told him that his grandson introduced himself to me as ” J’an X’yat D’jor” and spoke in a language similar to the one we found in LOCITUM. When he heard this Ezekiel’s demeanor completely change. 

Mine... and the Goats

We found a burnt down farm with some stray goats and decided to use them as bait for Mine. We used minor illusion to make a sounds of the goats being injured. This caught Mine’s attention as she flew over and grabbed the goats and dropped them from heights to kill them. We sprung into action, but Mine had a very different anatomy than we expected.

She had fifty foot tentecles and could fly. She would lash out and grappel with those tentecles. We were attmepting to bring her back alive to the gnome, but that prospect became nearly impossible as it grappled Ou-Kan and put him into her mouth. Ou-Kan was taking damage as we hit the creature and as a last ditch effort Twee used a second ensnaring strike to bring the creature out of the air and and to its demise. We wrespped the creature in a tapastry and chains and went back to sleep.

Rest of that night...

The cultists returned as we tried to rest. They were trying to take Mine’s body from us. We woke from our sleep and went to put a stop to them.  Their giant scorpion tried to drag Mine away but we quickly handled the cultists and were left with only their beats to deal with. 

Next part of the night we heard some rustling by the gates and when we checked it out we founda group of Gnolls trying to kill us as well. Tired… stressed… weary from the nights other activities the gnolls almost gota few of us. My spells were enough to keep the party standing and the party was enough to make the gnolls lay down. The long night was to a close after that as the light broke shortly after.

The Way Home

We returned to Ezekiel’s farm dragging the dead body of Mine the short distance back. We gave the body over in exchange for payment. The gnome is very generous, we also warned him of the cultists trying to get Mine’s body.  We returned to Spider’s Reach Outpost and decided to stay the entire day there to avoid camping on the road. After the eventful night we had we felt we deserved a break. While at the outpost we saw some bards leaving in search of the mythical centaurs. We told them the monster was dead and paid them to let Daryl Waldrip know as well since we hurried so quickly to the outpost. As we traveled from the outpost we founf a Large tree surrounded by tweleve other trees but decided we just wanted to make it home and left it alone.

How ever we did find a fallen metorite and Ou-Kan was drawn to it so much he removed it from its crater and plans to return adn bring it back. It did burn his hand and is very large. He used magic tricks to be able to get it out of the ground and next to the road for all to see. 

After his display of smarts and brawn… we decided it is best to get to White Moon Cove and take a drink after what felt like a really long mission.