Amber – Leader, trailblazer, cartographer
Eagle – Scout, Old man 1
Taaki- Chronicler
Roshi – Old man 2
Tuzok- the melee caster
Eric- Told everyone his name was Erik, but was obviously lying!
Markan- big muscle guy who knows magic, wat?
Yohu- The detective snake lady

It all started in a tavern. We were just chilling having a good time, etc etc, typical adventurer stuff. Then a lady came into the tavern and wanted to hire us.

Her name is Mana. She said that her gobblet is missing. We thought she was talking about a goblet at first. Now that I look back, perhaps we would of taken a different approach if we knew what we were getting ourselves into? Eh who cares. Let’s move on.

She told us that there were strange scratch marks in the stables. It was very confusing why the goblet would be in the stables, but I know what she means now, so eh, enjoy the ride while you don’t understand.

We agreed to go with her, and she took us to her farm.

Big farm, quite a lot of farm animals and they even had their own mill. We went to the stables first, to check out the scratch marks.

After further investigation, there were scratch marks made by some type of beast on the cart. Eric decided to speak with the horse. Perhaps horse will be useful.

Horse did tell him that it’s not the feeding person and more like an animal who eats animal type of thing. That just further confirmed our suspicions. But not to stay here too long, mana took us to the living quarters of the staff.

Also because horse didn’t have a name, Eric gave the horse the name horse, so now horse has a name 🙂

Some of my comrades decided to investigate this place, I think they found that some scratches made by a bigger beast, medium sized ones? And as if something was dragged through the room, and as if someone opened the door for that beast from the inside and let it in. How strange… Who could it be?

Also Mana told us about her having memory problems, because things would move around, and others tell her that she moved it, but she wouldn’t remember doing it.

Also they found two sleeping workers, who slept in the middle of the day for some reason.

At this point, we went out and there were two places to visit before the night. Mill and Mana’s house. Since we could only get one done before the night, we decided to split the party and check them out at the same time, like very smart individuals we are.

Minoletta and I went to Manas house, since at this point we had a suspicion on her, at least I did. She was the main suspect, so we needed information. The others went to the mill.

Mana’s house was normal, didn’t really find anything interesting there, other than the big scratch marks, from a bigger beast than all the other scratches we’ve seen, as if this one could easily slit our throats. Insanity. I drew where the scratch marks were found. Although as you may learn later, it shouldn’t be too useful.

Minoletta and I went to meet the others, and hear what they found in the mill. We all gathered in a circle and discussed things.

That’s when Minoletta entered the detective mode and came up with a suspicion that perhaps we were dealing with shape shifters. Since Mana has memory problems, there are scratches all over the place and even inside houses. Someone is opening the doors for the beasts and also there are workers sleeping in the middle of the day. Also they woke up and went to work when it’s almost the night. This was all very suspicious. Also the other party members found scratches and stuff in the mill, also some baby clothes, a drawing made by a toddler and a locked door (where valuables should of been kept). That’s when we needed to go to Mana, because we didn’t recall any children in the farm.

After a thorough interrogation of Mana, we learned that the missing “stolen” goblet, was a goblin, but he was so small she called him a gobblet. And she asked us to not kill him, because in her eyes, adventurers massacre goblins all the time.

We now knew what we were dealing with, so we went out and decided to talk with the two workers who were working in the middle of the night. Because why would they do that? And somehow our party got separated, since some were super slow and others were moving normally. So only Minoletta, Markan and I were in the stables, and that’s when we heard of the fighting happening in the north.

We quickly ran where we heard the noise, jumped over the fence and got to the action.

Our party was fighting these abomination turkeys. Which didn’t pose much of a challenge. They were dead before Minoletta and I go to the action.

At first I didn’t understand, why they were slashing kicking and bursting turkeys, but it all made sense in the end. Also, that’s when the big bois came in.

You dare oppose is mortals? Is what their aura gave out, but alas, we quickly disposed of them. Turkeys are no match for hardened and not so hardened adventurers like us. The second ones were a bit more dangerous, they sprayed something on us. Which was pure annoyance, nothing more.

After disposing of them, we investigated and found out, that these were the gobblins and hoggobblins who left the small and medium size scratches.

That’s when we grouped up and FINALLY went to the stables as a group and talked with the night workers. They told us it’s nicer to work in the night, not as much commotion and stuff like that.

Then we went to the cows, but after going to the corner where the bull was, we found a dead bull and a HUGE abomination eating it. For preparation, two of us hexed it and one of us feared it. He had a few gobblins with it, but they were no threat.

This is the main turkey, taking up as much space as almost all of us together. Simply huge. But while making the ground difficult to walk through and fearing it, we could stop it for enough time to slay the gobblins. The gobbking screamed out veeeeery loudly and it was annoying for me. But we quickly finished it off.

We got some good exp for it (Joke, we didn’t ^_^)

I flew up the mountain and found a small goblin with clothes tied up to a tree. I untied it and flew him down. Then we took the little guy to Mana.

She was scared, perhaps the gobbking scream scared her? We showed her that we finished the gobbking and we got gobblet back. She was very happy. She even gave us a horse as a reward, so one of us can have a horse! I don’t need it tho, so it’s whatevs. There’s just a mystery in our heads, who tied the gobblet to a tree? The turkeys surely didn’t… Maybe we will need to come back here again and figure that out…

But that’s a story for another time 🙂