Dear Master Loquist Faldamiare,

Several of us were sitting around the inn one evening when a farm wife came in looking for some help. She explained that there had be odd occurrences at her farm and that her ‘goblet’ had been stolen. After a bit of confusion we agreed to help her out. We got to the farm just before sunset and were given a quick tour of place. There is a windmill, some smallish crop plots, a barn for cattle, a derry processing building, and the main house. During the tour the party noticed several scratches on and around many of the doors. There was also some scratching damage on a couple of the floors. After the tour we were given a meal and started out to set up ‘camp’ and watches.

Before we got very far we heard a scream from the other side of the windmill. I darted to that side and saw several large turkeys, extremely large turkeys, with some blood on their beaks. One of them charged towards me and the fight was on. After a bit of combat, where our group was winning nicely, more turkeys showed up. These were even bigger making the first group appear almost normal sized. These were a bit harder to kill and their ‘combat gobble’ was thunderous.

After dispatching enough turkey to feed all of Port Marandia for several days we went back to talk to the farm wife. We were able to confirm that the ‘goblet’ she was missing was a normal turkey and that it was still missing. We decided to go north, the direction the combat turkeys came from, to see if there was anything else to find. We did not get far when we saw a humongous turkey. It was standing over, and snacking on, the bull we had seen earlier and that we need to cook its… goose?

There were also a few of the middle sized birds around so we had to be somewhat careful of their gobbles. We were making decent progress when the master bird let out its combat gobble. It was a frightening experience to say the least. Eventually we were able to pluck the life from it and stood triumphant on a table of victory. After a bit of discussion one of us climbed a small cliff and found the ‘goblet’ tied to a tree. We escorted back to the farm and the wife was very happy to see it. She gave us a few gems in thanks and we made our way back to Merandia.

A few items of note. During our initial investigation I discovered an instruction manual with many marks and drawings like a child learning to write and draw. There was even a child’s bedroom but we never saw a child. One of our group found an entrance to a cellar that was locked and we were told that is where the ‘best items’ were stored but only the wife was allowed down there. When asked about her husband she said she had seen him that morning leaving for market but the farm hands said they had not seen him in some time. This combined with the wife’s ‘memory issues’ there is more to the story.

We will have to see what else happens but for now that is the end of this report. Though I have never has ‘turkey jerky’ it appears there will be quite a supply available soon.

Respectfully, Tuzok