DM: Revy
PCs: Delight, Halkor, Kaine, Mathis, Shard, Rig

Rig is sitting in the Bitter Dwarf, relating his last adventure. to an unseen audience.
Rig met Jibb Jabb, retelling Ring King tale.
Gol tell touching tale of hell cave kings.
Rig turns around with a streight face.
No not boring. Jibb Jabb in tears, Rig bound.
All agree help Gol find kinskins.
Evil catskins kill mother of little girl.
After taking a sib, Rig continues his story with a sad face.
Rig charge, but Rig to late.
returning to bring little Girl back to town.
Hearing a click, feel a stich, Rig sleepy.
looking furious
No No, evil blackskin poison amd Rig sleepy
Blackskin trying to stab Rig.
But Rig invincible. Rig slay all the evil blacksins.

Evils to hunt

evil catskin

pounces and tries to push you down.

evil blackskin

sneaky, darkness, poison.
but drop like flies.