PbP- to get out of the slump

Going down to pay Dama’Yami for curse clean up and maybe hunt with Caerbor
PCs:The Radiant: Grey (duh), Aashas, Phil, Solid Tree (Sylvan), Kaine; and (Dan)ton John
DM: Nastaris

So the gang of us went down into the swamp to say hello to an old friend of Phil’s, Aashas’, and mine: Dama’Yami. A curse making and curse removing Witch Queen of Darkness (Caerbor’s description). She was unable to determine the nature of whatever effect was placed on me, but we also were there to pay her for saving Sazrushos’ life so its no matter about that.

After that, well, Kaine said it wasn’t a party until someone was so drunk they didn’t know who they fathered or some such thing and Dama’Yami obliged with some special drinks. They were some other party’s payment for a previous job and Kaine mixed them both together….. which resulted in him freezing solid and eventually dying as a result. We went back to town, then brought him back to life, then went back to check if Caerbor had been around, then chose the more dangerous hunt to go on with him, and then came back again to prepare for that suicidal hunt. It should be fun.

OOC Note: Daniel was named due to Elton John’s song Daniel