Dungeon Master: Seph
Party: Abel, Cober, Eight, Lysing, Tenfoll’at, Tingork

I hope I am not dead yet or left my stuff unattended. Good news! I made it back alive! After starting part of a road building from PM, I had an urge to complete it; however, spoiler alert, we only did 2/3 of what we aimed for that day. This time I started the adventure with mostly familiar faces with the exception of a lady named Tingork and a child who goes by Eight. A child on the island that is still alive and going on adventures? What have I not seen on this mysterious place?

Just as we were about to start building roads, a female figure appeared, asking us what we were doing. We tried to explain the importance of roads to her, but I doubt she got the gist of it. She did NOT answer my question when I asked her if she was following me, let’s keep her in the suspect list if I go missing someday, her name is Rhonda. Eight fed her quite a fair bit of information about the island that I wasn’t aware of; now who knows if the kid was making stuff up, but he seemed to know EVERYTHING about things happening on the island. Could he be an evil child causing havoc? Cober eventually bought a scroll from the stranger and Eight shared part of his ration with Rhonda. If those 2 are innocent, they might be naive to be talking to strangers who didn’t give us concrete information about themself. Is her name really Rhonda? Who knows?

We then continued on our road building mission until we saw a group of orcs in the distance holding someone hostage. We rushed to help the individual, but by the time we reached there, the orcs killed him and took his heart from his thoracic cavity.(I HAD to ride a horse with the touchy touchy Pally, to rescue the hostage….the things I do to try and save peoples’ lives. No one knows about it other than Abel). The party tried to outsmart them by taking control of the horses with the help of Lysing. We thought they wouldn’t be able to go far without horses, but we failed to detect them. Needless to say some of us are nosy and checked their saddlebags and revealed a letter and a jar of hearts. Cober read the letter for us since we couldn’t understand any of the scribbles on it and it mentioned gathering the beating hearts of 7 blue-eyed blonde humans in order to build a machine. The party gathered and most of us agreed that we should destroy the hearts in order to delay the cultists’ doings. During the forthcoming nights, we made sure to keep any blondes with blue eyes in our hut at night.

The next day we started our road building journey early in the morning. Not even halfway through the task, we spotted a wyvern flying above us. A wyvern choosing to attack me when there are so many bigger beasts on the island? Tell me that’s not cause to be suspicious, I swear someone is after me, but thank goodness I have my hat! Cober’s macabre’s creation took down the flying creature before it started wrecking havoc. FYI we had one lazy worker named Karen who wanted to see my manager when prompted to work; I redirected her to Abel to take care of that situation. In the meantime, Tingork was sticking her hands deep into the dead wyvern, like why? Why would she think that was a good thing to do? Shocker, the poison from the wyvern injured her. Hopefully, she learned her lesson and will stop sticking her hand into creatures, dead or alive. Before we went to bed, Cober created water for us to drink. When I questioned how he was creating it, Lysing whispered to me that it was the tears of the people he killed. I reluctantly tried some and it tasted like water, but maybe your enemies’ tears are sweet to the taste? During my night watch I noticed a dead body laying a few hundred feet from us, I did not want to wake everyone up for a dead body, it could wait for the morning…that beauty sleep is important!

In the morning, I felt a weird sensation I didn’t experience in months. Was I dead? I am not sure what happened, but Abel was touching me for a long time and I remember giving him permission to touch me if I were dead. I need to ask the others if I died during that night. Freaked out by this encounter, I went to check on the dead body with Lysing. It seemed like it has been there for a long time and guess what? It was missing a heart! Someone better not steal my heart, I would be so upset if something of mine gets stolen. We then continued building this road that keeps being interrupted by creatures. And guess what? 3 flying creatures (later identified as cloakers) surprised almost everyone. Even I, Tenfoll’at, who is always keeping an eye out and alarms up, was surprised. Are the creatures getting smarter to get me? Is my hat not that effective? No, no, no, the hat has always helped. Anyway, those creatures killed a few of our workers, thus hampering our progress. Since that encounter affected the morale of the workers, we decided to head back to town and attempt to complete the road another day.

On our way back, we stumbled across a well that had some writings in goblin; for once I felt like I would be a great translator for the team. The writings said “Humans in here”. Tingork tried some of the water before I told them the proper translation and mentioned that it tasted like mineral water. We then continued on our way back to Port Mirandia, tired and wondering if the blood cultists are after us. I am so glad I am not blonde! If something happens to me, I don’t think it is the blood cultists…I’m not their type, that was the silver lining of this adventure.

I am going to contemplate about this place now. Hopefully, there will be more notes from me (as a sign of me surviving the terrors of this island or not being found by Him who shall not be named). Until then, mind your own business and don’t stick your bare hands into dead creatures.