GM: Tam

Party: Abel (Leader), Quil (Trailblazer), Balthier, Asterisk, Zuldim, Rose (Scout)

Rose’s War Diary, Eighth Mission

Day 1

we went out early in the morning to take the portal to MID to assist someone going by the name of “momo” there, who had sent out a request for aid. the portal trip itself was mostly uneventful, with some of the newer recruits being slightly affected by the cold, but that was easily remedied with sune’s help. anyway, turned out that a friend of momo went missing, a unicorn by the name of elwyn. she lives in the woods southeast of MID. we took a few minutes for me to replenish my healing reserves, then went out to search for the unicorn.

we put up camp on the border of the forest. there was nothing noteworthy on the way. the woods seem to have a bit of a fungus problem, though.

squirrels on a spit, flavoured with a herbal dressing, turned out to be delicious. you can say what you want about drow, but quil can cook!

Day 2

well… that was quite an eventful night. around oh-dark-thirty, we got attacked by a couple of tooth fairies and a pair of redcaps. while the tooth fairies were more of a pest, the redcaps were almost too much for us to handle. only through good teamwork and the unexpected assistance of a swan maiden named odette from the summer court, we were able to defeat them. note to self: avoid ooze shots as much as possible, they already taste horrible on the way down!

anyway, odette knows elwyn, and when talking to her it turned out they are on a campaign to clear the woods of evil influence, driving out the nastiness towards the south-west. they encountered both hostile and friendly hobgoblins, and seem to have similar stances to them as we do. she also volunteered to bring elwyn to us, so that we could truthfully tell momo we found her in good health. turned out she had been recuperating from some nasty fights in the woods where she almost got captured.

elwyn and odette both arrived back at our camp shortly after sunrise, and while odette had to attend to other matters elwyn accompanied us back to momo.

we encountered some flying dinosaurs on our way back, but since they didn’t bother us and elwyn confirmed them as regular animals and not evil creatures we need to destroy, we passed them by.

momo and elwyn were happy to meet each other again, and after exchanging some more pleasantries with both of them we returned to WMC.

NOTE: the cold of the portal can overcome people so fast, they might think they just stumbled when exiting the portal. be ready to assist your fellow party members quickly after each trip!

when coming back to WMC, we came upon a patrol that was just heading out, and had just encountered a gnoll party. fortunately, they managed to defeat them without fatalities, and with sune’s blessing they were restored to full health for the rest of their patrol. but the presence of gnolls right on the outskirts of WMC is a troubling development. we need to do something about that, ASAP!