DM: Neal

A party was chartered by REDACTED to investigate ongoing operations within the Sarrukh tribe to the north of Port Mirandia. With Eight as the lead, the party headed north through the portal to GQE. Contact was made with OPERATIVE: BONEFROG in the city of Tikal, who connected us with two soldiers named Jesus and Christ. The party continue north, running into some strange undead gorilla beasts with four arms; they were quickly dispatched, but Jesus and Christ mentioned a parasite that seemed to be infecting local wildlife; upon inspection of their grey matter, there was a mass of it missing, but there were no parasites to be seen. The party continued, meeting with Dap, an elderly lizardfolk that mentioned a problem with bandits at the base of the spring that fed their village river. With Jesus and Christ in toe, the party continued north to the spring and upon entering the camp, we found some strange form of giant devouring the bandits. After failed negotiations, we made quick work of them with Jesus and Christ still alive. We rested in Dap’s village and returned to OPERATIVE: BONEFROG, having earned the respect of the young lizardfolk warriors we were training. We continued to Port Mirandia without issue.

Gorilla man
Giant foes