By bloodhunter

PC’s: Cober, Amnon, Nahil, Torgran, River, Slayer
DM: Tam

Getting into town I decided to head over to the local tavern. That’s always a good place to find work or at least a good rumor or two. As I entered, a farmer rushed pasted and began babbling about farmers taken the law into their own hands. Smiling to myself I thought, “well that was quick,”. I saw some of the local adventurers and with a little convincing from a large brute of a man covered in ash some agreed to go with me. This is going to be great.

The day started off beautiful, and I could smell lilacs and lavender somewhere near town on our way out. Going to have to check that out when we return. After a few miles east of town that thought quickly seemed out of reach when Knolls ambushed us. Torgran was quite impressive cleaving one in two. Things seem to be going quite well until one of the knolls on a hill let loose an arrow that sent me to the ground bleeding out bad. I felt the life leaving me and all I thought of was not being able to show my family that this form doesn’t make me and I’m not evil. As my eyes began to close I felt the warmth of life and not the chill of death. I looked up I saw Cober smile as the last word of his spell left his lips. Hope he knew, my thank you, was sincere. Leaping back to my feet I knew if we did not incapacitate those knolls on the hilltop, I might not be so lucky next time. Seeing that one was sleeping soundly, I whispered a humorous tale into the mind of another sending him to the ground in a ball of laughter. With those two out of the fight I ran to help the others. Splattering one I sprayed River with his blood, I really must apologize for that. After a short skirmish we finished them off. After traveling a little farther we made camp.

Nahil and I took second watch. He’s an interesting fellow, he acts tough but i see the child in him. I can see him trying, with everything he has, to be brave. I heard some yelping in the distance and immediately had Nahil wake the others. Thinking about the knoll from the previous day my nerves were on edge. Luckily it was only jackals and I scared them off with a well placed blast. The rest of the night was uneventful. Come the raise of the morning dawn we continued eastward.

After a few hours of travel we came upon the farmers. They had this young woman with fear and tears streaking her face, tied to a stake. We tried to find out what transpired to cause this but seemed to get no where. I strolled passed the farmers went to talk the the woman and as I approached I saw this little impish looking creature attempting to untie her. Thinking it was trying to make her look guilty I tried blasting it but missed. To my surprise though, when it freed her I knew I was wrong in my assumption. I saw her face clear as day, the evil and malice in her eyes filled my very soul with dread. I knew then if we didn’t stop her she would kill these farmers and us. Leaping out the way I took a couple of wounds as she ran to take cover in the opposite direction. Vines and thorns burst through the ground gripping me and some of the farms to slow to get away. I could hear the others battling but when the vines and thorns dissolved I knew at least she had been taken down. We mopped up her little friends and talked with the farmer still there. They gave us what they took from her and told us of possible circle of druids further east. The others in town might need to know this when we return to town.

Must admit I was scared I might not make it back but very thankful I did. That field of lilac and lavender looks even more beautiful now. I’m going to love laying near them.