We were all relaxing at the taverin in WMC Doing our own things. When the Mayor came and told us to adventure instead of being lazy selecting myself as well as five of the of the other various patrons and told us to get out of town and dont come back today or the next day.

The six of us introduced ourselves. one man i think his name was Nalkris had a raven with him. It was a rather unique seeming group

Vilios. a male half orc who was sent to sleeper island by his sister it sounded like

Khora a female merfolk seemed to tinker alot. an interesting character

Johann a male merfolk with blue skin. A musician who had an aura of authority. A bard at his core

Valerian. A male mountain dwarf dressed in chainmail and talked like a seasoned sailor. Talk some sort of talk about his god at times

Nalkris. A male elf. He had a raven on his shoulder

We started traveling north on the road and after a couple hours starting heading along the beach for a few hours. rather peaceful. Khora and i went to search for a spot to camp. and then to forage for some berries i believe someone else came with us too. a bit fuzzy on who. After eating and setting up camp the group seperated into our watch groups and the watches started.

I took second watch with Johann and i saw an odd creature on the beach making noises. Didnt look quite natural to me. as i climbed around to investigate the different areas. Nothing came to harm us during said watch so we went back to rest and left Vilios and Valerian to do the third watch

Didnt feel like i slept for very long before being awakened again to an odd tingling feeling. i went down to survey to see if the creature was there again and causing a ruckus possibly causing it. while Khora wandered across the beach a bit and told us not to follow. Both khora and Nalkris let out some sounds of pain. Apparently it was a disturbance of the weave. after this i climbed back to my spot and returned to sleep.

Later on once again awakened this time to two large Rhinos. i just climbed to my normal vantage point and they seemed to not think they were a threat so they left. i returned to my sleeping spot and went back to bed.

In the morning the feeling was still on us so we packed camp and started heading out once more with music from Johann and Valerian it was a rather tranquil feeling that ended too soon.

A few more hours later and valerian pointed out a ruin ontop a cliff ahead to the group and Nalkriz sent his raven to scout it and after it returned we went to it ourselves. It had a symbol of a shining black orb with a crashing wave on each side away from the central orb. I went to the left side to explore and found a couple possible entrances one looking like a heavily damaged bed quarters area and returned to the group to see Valerian having opened the doors using his divine gift on the second pair. and a rather large group of strange creatures inside. Becoming hostile immediately from the looks.

We started the fight launching arrows and magical powers and we finally took a single one down. but had to retreat immediately after Valerian shut the inside door again giving us a bit of time. but more came out of the walls. forcing our retreat even further. We managed to kill one on our retreat atleast with help of a fog cloud from one of the allies. Im not the best at remembering names during combat so i couldnt tell who. The creature we killed looked to be Aquatic and we started our trek back to town.

A couple hours into the trek back we heard some loud laughter coming from inland which i was confused about. Nalkris sent his raven out and the bird immediately died. We spotted the culprits a trio of gnolls. My blood began to boil at the sight of them those horrid creatures needed to be eradicated. I launched an arrow into one that i marked with the sign of the Hunters and downed it instantly. A Second one tried to bolt away from us but we gave chase. a third one came towards us and the group slew it. I climbed a hill to launch a finishing shot at the fleeing one after missing a couple shots at it. finally ending its life with the help of the group. We looted their bodies and they had alot more gold than i expected a rather large split of twenty pieces each. I cut an ear from the last one i felled and took his blowgun. We rested and Nalkris’s bird returned. We finished our trek back to the WMC with a bit of effort. i was exausted and so were a couple others by the end of it.

Upon reporting the Mayor seemed pleased even with us returning ahead of schedule. Since we werent being lazy at least.

Perhaps i should talk to Khora more she seems like she is a potentially powerful. and useful ally and not loud unlike a couple of the others All were very useful and powerful in their own regards she just stands out as this wasnt my first mission with her.