DM: Tsi88
Starring :
Taaki as Leader and Chronicler
Belanor as Scout
Oros as Trailblazer
Sven as Murder Hobo Instigator
Eagle as Old man
Vir as the Cartographer and the prince of Jojo

It was supposed to be a simple job. As simple as taking care of Minicui. We started off the same, traveled from RO to Benson’s house, found a bottle of wine on the way, interesting, it’s just lying down in the middle of nowhere. We stayed there overnight and got some more masking liquid, to mask our movement from the spiders.

After a nice sleep, we went off to our adventure. Kept going in circles, so traveling was slow and confusing. Heh, no worries. Our party got this in the bag. Right? We found a way to rest cus it got dark way too quick. It was a pond with some strange rocks all around. The night went over safe. Even tho Oros forgot to wake us up for our watch again!

We heard weeping in the forest. Then we saw a woman, Sven went closer to investigate, but upon Oros warning him, he backed out. The illusion disappeared. We got surrounded by spider abominations.

New types of spiders we haven’t seen before.
Spider woman charmer abomination, she will charm you with her beauty! Also they were apparently Jojo’s daughters! Although they are pretty dead right now.

A spiderman super-tank, don’t attack it with non magical weapons! They deal no harm whatsoever in any shape or form! How do I get immunity to non magical weapons, that would make me so strong!

Okay, so from my memory this is how the first fight went. There were three handmaiden charmer spiders, and two spidermen. The handmaidens try to charm anyone in direct line of sight everytime, so be careful, and try to hide if possible! Sven managed to avoid first charm, Taaki avoided second one. And it’s quite strange, they kinda try to charm you before you want to do your attack, quite tricky!

First handmaiden got catapulted out of existence by Sven magic missile, Oros got charmed and tried to grapple Sven, Sven got charmed with crown of madness. Vir quickly follows up Taaki’s attack on the charmer and slices her up with his godly might. Sven and Oros get released from their charms. We quickly wipe out the rest of them and take a short rest. We apply the vial to our boots and travel onward.

Strange… Very strange… We hear a lullaby kind of music play, when we enter a new area, it’s strange getting to such a place, a clearing, when we were just in a spider nested forest.

We got suspicious so we investigated the closest house, it was apparently a shop with a normal human shopkeep who was happy to live there and wanted to sell us some goods.

We quickly came out of there, suspicious that he was charmed by Jojo, who’m we heard of so much about. Sven cast invisibility on Belanor and he went into the sewers, which was on the right side door of the top building. He went inside and found quite suspicious looking spider web corridoors with a normal spider swarm. Taaki went inside and told him to get out since the party decided to go inside the main building.

We found a spider woman playing an instrument and people having fun. She did not attack us at first, so we were able to have a chat. She seems to be blind and could see or rather “feel” our invisible comrade Belanor, so don’t try to overcome her with stealth, no chance.

She told us that she doesn’t like fighting unlike her sister. The other princess whom we killed, I presume. She wants to kill her sisters, her mother and to become a queen who will then produce an offspring and rule the forest. We were contemplating trying to get on her good side and establish some sort of alliance, however Sven went full murder hobo, flipped over a table and shot a spell at her, when we didn’t even finish talking with her. What an idiot, doesn’t he feel that attacking a spider princess in her own territory be a suicide mission? So many spiders are crawling all around!

P.S Jojo might claim to not charm people, but she absolutely does, I saw it with my own eyes.

More were-spiders and handmaidens spring out and we try to fight them. But as we can hear and feel more and more approaching, and the doors from other houses opening, we realized that this was hopeless. No chance of survival.

So belanor and Taaki decided to run the heck away as far as possible, they jumped through the window. Oros was fighting a 1 versus 2, Sven got paralyzed and unconscious in one hit, Jojo started breath attacking us with every movement she could muster at the time. Vir got down, Eagle was in a bad shape. Belanor dipped through the window. I quickly healed up Vir and ran the heck out the window after telling everyone to run. After a while I turned back, and saw Eagle out the window on the ground, so I healed him up and ran even further, trying to catch up to Belanor.

From what I recall, just the sheer amount of spiders, that were running up to us was insane. And they were all gonna go through the main door which has a big drawing of a spider on the ground. Luckily we managed to somehow escape. Only Vir and Sven were left behind, because Vir tried to drag Sven with him, if he did not, he could of easily escaped with us.

Later we met up and took a rest, while traveling back to RO. Sven caught up to us, apparently spider wanted to take one of them as a prince, and let the other go. So in the end Sven got Vir in even more shit than he bargained for.

The moral of the story is, don’t act irrationally and always think about the consequences. Sometimes talking is the best way to go. Especially when they don’t even attack you and are having conversations with you and your party. Also always try to run away, to save your life, because some battles are truly hopeless. Only by running away me and my party can tell you about this story today.

Thank you for reading.