Party; Don, Ou-Kan, Glen, Oxalis, Cally, Tor, Yibble.

Comrades speak of adventure past portal, adventure to new land. Portal Code; DRM.

Don goes, Don arrives, Don does not thrive.

Boggy swamp, damp swamp. Don does not like swamp.

Don find tracks, tracks go by writing made of moss, magic moss.

Magic moss writes down rocky path, written in Druidic.

Magic moss speaks of friend of Druids, friend that comes from circle? From portal?

Tracks unknown, reptilian but, not Dragonborn, not Kobold, not Lizardfolk. Tracks unknown.

Don and friends go south west, looking at mountains, they go towards mountains.

Comrades see big tree living off magic water source, we not touch, we move on.

Night comes, solemn, calm, cosy. We sleep.

Till big bug thing attack.

Big bug thing go invisible like Don, Big bug thing stings badly. We kill big bug thing, it speaks then dies. Big bug thing intelligent abbaration?

We move big dead bug thing, then sleep more.

Don looks at sky and realize, from the stars and constellations…We are further from WMC, than Port Mirandia is.

Then big worm thing attack.

Don feels dead.

Then Don not dead.

Then Don dead.

Then Don Elf. Half Elf.

Don ponders the existential differences between Firbolg Don and Half-Wood Elf Don.

Oh, Don can see in dark now.