DM: Geo
Players : Phil, Gronk, Orson, Slyvan

It started off as every adventure for the seasoned folk does. A gathering at a pub, in this case the Swollen tooth, a rash decision, to see the north coast, and flawless execution…. meaning we didn’t die. That’s flawless right?

So it has been said that no plan ever survives first contact. That contact maybe enemies, a road block, the first mishap or whatever, but typically speaking a new better plan is formed. Let it be known now that no plan survives Gronk. First… second… thousandth.

As it goes with most cases when I step foot out of town, I made the town a mortal enemy, a grateful ally and almost probably died. A typical Tuesday I would think. The only truly notably different things I did this time was found a town and clear out some portal guardians. By clear out I mean forced them to flee, which is a first. We also cleared it from the other side, also a first.

The Enemies were the tribe of ogres who practice ritual blood sacrifice for power. Ask Sylvan for more detailed info where they live. The Allies were the Fishscale goblin tribe that lives north of what I am dubbing Hydra River. Cause… it has Hydras apparently. We earned the good will of the goblin tribe by hosting a dinner for them in Orson’s mansion while I regenerated one of their particularly chewed up fisherman. They were the ones who informed us of the portal and other dangerous stuff.

So we went to the portal. Cause we’re dumb. That’s where we met Mirandia, a local goddess of the sea who was keeping the corruption of some entity at bay within the transport zone of the portal. We helped her by doing what all good adventurers of our caliber have learned to do. We threw a Gronk at it. We eventually caused the dude to flee, so he landlocked us in, but in an act of defiance we decided to fund a port town. A land locked port town. This is also when I learned how cheap it is to be a land owner in comparison to being a Pope… I event drew a thing.

one town is built at 4x speed is the cost of 2.33 awakened squirrels.

Anywho, I think next on the docket is seeing the south coast.


Phil Theist, Pope of Squirrels