Tsi88 as the Dungeon Master

Chukles as Gaven
A Halfling duelist

Johnny2Cs as Ivo
A human firestarter

Nartzim as Twiks
A human witch

RobertB as Tuzok
A aasimar towershield

Lloyd as Saoch
A halfling chaosbringer

Not wanting to rot away in the cities I joined a party of gnoll hunters aiming for the crevice near White Moon Cove said to host a band of these hyena wanna-bes. In hindsight these were probably the reason we found tracks leading that way on my last outing. Oh well, hindsight and stuff.

Blasting away from town at high speed, we dove into the caves, leaving Lucky the Donkey to guard our escape route. Once inside Tuzok and Saoch quickly found all traps guarding the place allowing the rest of us to pass without trouble. Those two did need some stiching up though, as finding traps usually included activating them. As we got deeper the traps got replaced by gnolls and kobolds, but they were quickly dispatched as I learned the importance of knowing how to disable a device before activing it. At this point things went well, we had even captured a gnoll to bring back for conversation purposes. 

Trouble did come back to find us as we found their inner sanctum and forgot to knock politely before blowing their doors open. The next battle took place in a bottleneck of a door, which cost the life of our duelist, Gaven, when a armored dwarf threw some sort of rune incribed bomb into the midst of combat killing him instantly. We did manage to bring down the enemies, but as the dwarf stood alone he ran. Soon afterward the cave exploded around us burrying most of the evidence of what was going on. All we found were half-finished containers for the explosives and a note in dwarven, which we couldn’t read. Somebody should probably get that translated…

Anyway, we got back and burried Gaven. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see to these explosive dwarves, but next time we hopefully won’t be as surprised.

Twiks the Witch