DM: aDragon
PCs: Naal, indr, Chemist, (Ronda), Weloh, Rig

Rig is walking around the docks of White Moon Cove, talking, and turning to one side or the other from time to time, as if responding to other people, but there are no others.
Rig good sailor. Rig found many evils to slay at sea.
Yes, Naal captain. Naal also good fighter
evil Sea dEVILs tried to kill us many times. Rig and Naal slay dEVILs easy.
Ronda had good punches. But Ronda got sick and layed down on boat.
Boat is magic, Boat is first little box and then big boat.
Sea dEVILs also making boat broken. But Rig fixed it.
Rig looks embarrassed to the left.
No, Rig cleaned all of gunk. No Rig pulled Javelin out again, Javelin not stuck.
Indr can walk over water. Indr saved Aelar. Pirates attacked Aelar.
Rig turns to the right.
Oh yeah right. Rig saw Weloh gave Indra ring to walk over water.
Weloh, funny dragonskin. Weloh lick and boop often
Birdskin Chemist, talks like Indr, or Naal
Yes we searched for pirates. No, no pirates found.
Rig turns around with a smiling face
But Rig eat giant evil sharkskin.
No Rig only needed a little of it. Rig left it sink for the fishes.
Rig looks a bit uncomfortable
No Rope was not meant to secure it. Rig just playing.
Fine You not have to believe in Rig.”
Now looking a bit more furious, Rig continues.
But giant sharkskin tried to Eat boat, then Rig, But Rig stronger. Rig invincible

Evil sharkskin fled. Weloh and Rig not happy. Weloh and Rig dive after sharkskin.
Yes, Rig saved Weloh. and Weloh and Rig slayed evil sharkskin
Chemist was scared. Wind was low. Rig rowed all back.
Yes others helped. But Rig did the most.
Rig looks again a bit embarrassed.
No, No, Rig was not weak. Rig strong. Yes others did also a good Job.

Evils to hunt

Sea dEVILs

easy to slay.
gets furious then they smell blood.

does some magic tricks,
like summoning a weapon.

evil sharkskin

Big, bigger than boat.
hits hard.
Javelins are good for fighting it.
Dumb, think can eat Rig.
Rig ate it.