DM: Dayman
PCs: Tunsa, Nog, Lia, Rig

Rig sits down in the Tavern, talking with empty seats around a table and ordering some food and drink.
Rig invincible, But Rig need to become stronger. Rigs axe did nothing against evil ghosts.
But Evil ghosts can’t leave unhallowed ground. Rig will come back and slay evil ghosts.
Strange giant tree leading up to city in clouds. Elven blood needed to climb. Maybe magical elven blood.
Rig downs some ale.
Yes, Rig free cloud city of evil slavers. Rig made new friend Jak’al
Hmm? Yes Rig not finished. But Rig freed little one slaves.
What do you mean, Jak’al think Rig is a naive fool?
Rig good friend with Jak’al. Share stories of sailing. Rig wants to sail clouds.
Rig looks to the side, answering someone invisible.
No Rig not fool for using Sagewart. Rig found slaver.”
Rig looks a little nervous.
Stop coming so close, leave some room for Rig.
Hmm, Yes Rig had horrific Visions, thank you for reminding.
Rig concentrates again on all the empty seats and bites into some meat
Rig think cloud city factions are dumb. They believe in more or less the same.
But war between about the name of their God. Rig think it might be the same God.
Yes, High Priests purge writings and not let everyone see old writings.
Rig sure Solus and Turnus are evil monsters pretending to be priests, but play with poor cloud city people.
Rig turns around
Yes Rig saw that in vision. What you mean drug-Vision is not truth.
But Rig found slaver in Vision.
Anyway. Rig saw Inquisitors work and what High Priest Turnus did.
Rig not trust them. Jak’al also not trusting High Priests.
Yes, Nox people seem nicer more caring than Lux people, but Rig think its only illusion.
Rig brought little slaves below clouds.
Rig looks straight across the table.
Yes, body accustomed to cloud city after time, make it harder to leave.
Yes, strange money they have. chits of sulforce, bound to body and chits of mana, bound to magic. Better not loose them. They also burn into you as tattoo then leaving.
Rig shows of Rigs tattoo, stating Rigs soulforce chits.
Oh yes your right, Rig needs to show documents to mighty wizard. Maybe mighty wizard can also help babies.

Evils to hunt

evil ghost

Rigs axe did nothing.
avoid unhallow ground,
until Rig slay all evil ghosts.

evil irondogs

Poison Rig, making rig slow.
Don’t use lightning. Speeds them up.
Also channel lightning them self into blast.