DM: aDragon
PCs: Grey, Dan, Ophelia, Dust, Aashas, Rig

Rig is walking around the streets telling a new tale to unseen listeners.
Rig found new ship. What no! OK. Ophelia found Ship, Rig kept eye on water.
No! Rig always focused. Anyway, new ship spooky. no crew.
Yes found evil zombie crew and Dan went missing.
Rig turns around and focuses the air behind him.
Yes found Dan under evil water armors. Rig save Dan.
No! Rig save Dan. Rig jump in front of evil water. Rig invincible.
Voice in Rig head, say is in box ask forfreeing. Rig want to help.
Rig turns to the side and looks a little insecure.
No, not clear. what to do. Dust and Rig search ship.
Dan missing again. But Fey had come.Yes Rig Ring King.
Angrily, Rig quickly turns around.
No don’t! Rig promised Fey. Aashas and Grey say Emery lies.
Oh. Emery is voice in head from box. Aashas want to sink ship.
Yes Fey free Emery. Rig think best to free. Maybe Emery not evil.
Looking a bit annoyed, Rig turns to the side and continues.
Yes. Yes. You said so. Rig know. Emery was evil and lied.
Rig and Aashas slay evil Emery. No, Rig and others not mean. helped Emery go home.
Now very self-confident, Rig turns around again.
Aashas mighty slayer of evil, like Rig. No Rig also mighty.Rig can teach Aashas. Rig invincible.
New ship brought to town. Yes Rig chase away sea dEVILs.

Evils to hunt

evil crew zombie

slow, easy to slay

evil water armor

fast attacks,
takes some hits

evil Emery

talks and lies a lot in head.
easy to slay with holy might.