DM: Nastaris
PCs: Ophelia, Aashas, Sazrushos, Indr, Salem, Chemist, Meraj, Naal, Rig

Rig sits in the Inn eating and talking to an unseen entity.
Rig found Bing Bang. Rig show Bing Bang Jibb Jabb.
Rig also meet big one-eyed Terry. Terry Gary friend.
Gary gone search Big Boss. Rig think Jibb Jabb can help.
smiling as Rig takes another bite of meat.
Dinoskin good. Rig eat. Rig told that dino, Rig eat it.
Rig sliced meat from inside.
Rig pauses for a moment as if listening than continues.
No, No! Rig not got eaten. Rig wanted to get inside. Best meat inside.
Rig slay evil dinoskin, for trying to eat Aashas or Rig.
Yes, big one-eyed also eat dino Rig slain. Rig happily split food.
Rig teached Ashaas how be invincible
Rig turns around and furiously focusing the air behind.
No. Rig invincible. Rig not go down.
Rig played dead. Rig fool gnoll.
looking to the side.
Yes, Yes! littleskins from cloudcity save by madame Dula now.
Rig also hleped bring softquils.

Evils to hunt

evil gnoll

hits hard.
hides in grass.
some throw songs of Fire and Ice.

evil dinoskin

Eats more than good for It.
Rig told, not try eat Rig.
Best kill from inside.