DM: Nastaris
PCs: Naal, Salem, Indr, Enyaw, Rig
Locations: Gnoll Lair

Rig sits in the tavern and is preoccupied discussing with seemingly none around.
No Rig not just slash air. Rig fight evil invisible gnolls.
No, no. Rig sure! Captain talked of them.
With a thoughtful look
Hmm Rig not sure, hard to see invisible gnolls. Evil always hiding.
Rig slay many evil gnolls.
Yes Rig good detective. Rig found all traps.
Rig looks a bit ashamed
No. Rig set off trap to lure out evil.
Cowardly monk gnoll came out again.
No Rig not go down. Rig showed how to be invincible.
Rig looks confused to the side.
Hmm? Yes, Naal gave Rig a potion. Rig not understand.
Big evil skeleton hit hard. almost as hard as Rig.
Yes Rig’s strikes not as effective as usual.
with a stern look on the face, Rig turns to the other side.
What you mean Rig go down. Rig invincible.
No skeleton not stronger than Rig. Rig here, evil skeleton dead.

Evils to hunt

evil invisible gnoll

hard to see.
ask Naal for more Info

evil monk gnoll

not like mages, hits them on cast.
strikes may block your body.
flees cowardly.

evil skeleton king

Hits hard, almost harder than Rig.
 radiant and necrotic not effective.
takes a lot, almost as much as Rig.