DM: Dayman
PCs: Warden, Thran, Seras, Vuldred, Bartimaeus, Akris, Orson, Shantarr, Jax

Someone named Nina once got taken by Vampires and it is time to hunt those down. We gathered around Warden and traveled towards the cave their the vampires are supposed to live. The journey was short and as we came close to the cave, we felt some strange sensation of evocation magic around us.
Shantarr sensed many undead in the cave, probably vampires, and was quite afraid. Entering the cave, we saw fresh blood dipping from the walls. A burned body, with lot bite wounds, lay on the ground and vampires were playing cards. But they suddenly disappeared.

It was hard to concentrate in those caves as the screams of tortured souls almost deafened us, making it hard to cast spells. Then we got swarmed by several vampires and they got the drop on Vuldred. Shantarr and myself rushed to his side, trying to shield him and i called forth spiritual guardians, fighting near vampires.
Vuldred made sure to get some distance to the vampires but ran towards another waiting vampire. he dropped to the ground and Warden rushed to his side, healing him and shielding him from the Vampire. Orson battled another of those spawns and Shantarr started hitting a crystal growing from a pillar. As the crystal got damaged, the noises lessened a bit.

Vuldred was seriously hurt and our magic did not do much in healing him, those Vampires had drained his essence for quite a bit. We discussed taking a break, maybe resting for a while outside and while i defended a corridor leading deeper into the cave someone dabbled with the writings of an altar or the likes and suddenly a strong force of necrotic energy went over us, draining our life source and killing Vuldred.
We rushed outside, bringing Vuldred’s dead body with us. Knowing Vuldred for some time now and how he struggled with his gnomish body, we traveled back to White Moon Cove for a reincarnation. On our way back, during a rest, a giant tower with a hand and gems, erupted from earth. We ignored it for now and packed up in the morning continuing our way back to town. With the help of remove curses casted by myself and Thran as well as Tressor with some grater restorations, we healed ourself from the necrotic drain and Vuldred was brought back to live as a human.

On our way back to the cave, the tower had grown even more but we continued towards the vampire lair, eager to bring an end to those foul creatures. AS we entered the cave again, the air was thick and the omnipresent sound of tortured souls was overwhelming. We went deeper into the cave, while Shantarr destroyed some of the crystals and Seras bagged the souls to be quite for some time. The screams got a bit less stressful but still overwhelming. I tried removing a possible curse from those crystals but were not able to get my spell through.

As we ventured deeper into the cave a strong pushing wind cut us of from the way we were coming and for a moment it got pitch black but Wardens sunlight cut through the darkness, allowing us to see a bit as more Vampires came after us, leaded by a very resourceful  vampire wearing a crystal. Vuldred summoned a fire elemental, but it went rough shortly after. Thran, Seras and myself did our best to keep everyone alive while we slayed the vampires and flighted of their leader, but sadly Akris died in the fight.
While the Vampire got heavily damaged, the overwhelming screams disappeared more and more and Vuldred finally slew the beast with a peg through its heart.

The others investigated the caves for a bit more but as i was exhausted i had to wait for them outside of the cave and a bit afterwards we traveled back to White Moon Cove mourning over the loss of Akris.