As I have been cooped up in my little room with Oni for a while now, I thought it’s time to go out and stretch my legs. And what great opportunity as Mr. Warden was gathering a group together for a visit to a place called Whispering Woods. Sounds like fun!

Traveling quickly on the road thanks to Gronk, we arrived at the edge of the creepy woods in no time. Warden warned us to stay close to Aldwin so we don’t get driven crazy by the woods so I followed right behind him the whole time. Warden was so on edge the entire time we built a little moat around our resting place. I am sure that it was super effective against keeping out bad guys!! Of course Warden’s caution was proved right when a bunch of weird shadow and 3 huge wolves that breath cold air attacked us. I felt so silly that I called Salt and Pepper earlier and they had to go before being able to help us with the bad wolfies. Still, we had no issue disclosing of these guys. The wolf es all seem to have sown weird collar so Gronk and I try to salvage them. The first two was okay but when I touched the third one, it was a bit warmer. I paid no attention to it and it suddenly got super warm do I dropped it to the ground. That’s when it exploded with hurt ow-ow rays of radiance and got everyone! Apparently it has been absorbing the power of Warden’s sunlight sword. Humm, if we figure out how to built these things, I bet it will be super useful against the vampires!

We set off the next day and came to a big ugly cave opening that looks like a big mouth. I summoned Salt and Pepper to boost our confidence. The smart doggies quickly dug a way out for us and we can to a weird stair case area that one friend described as “trapped as fuck.” I sent Pepper to test the waters and he got swallowed up by a mass of deadly energy as he stepped on a glyph on the ground. Thanks to Pepper’s brave sacrifice, we knew to leap through the stair case to safety.

After more winding stair cases and rooms and ignoring some random vampires (at Warden’s direction) we finally found the Doctor and Addison. The tricky Doctor keep snapping his fingers and closing doors behind him and I was too weak to burst it open. It was soooooo frustrating. But we took Addison down with no real issue. Warden seem to have known her before. Given the Doctor keep closing the doors we decided to come back another time. Before we left, we heard some splashing sounds. We think maybe the Doctod escapes via water slide?

It was definitely a weird trip but it was fun! Can’t wait to go back to get the Doctor for good!