Ricky the proprietor of the potted plant asked a favor of me and a few adventurers who were loitering around the tavern preparing to go on an adventure. The favor was to explore the Lapendi Plains who’s Barbarian inhabitants his words not mine had reported fights in the sky at and that this had something to do with their god’s awakening. deciding that it would be best to investigate this issue the group of us set off walking, quickly realized that we could use the portal to travel to the planes much more quickly we headed south after arriving at the GQE portal. after around four or so hours travel we ran into a group of hunters from the Lapendi plains. The hunters treated the female members of the party as though they did not exist a cultural difference but an unwelcome one, regardless I get off track. The hunters took us to (the words here are illegible to anyone having been scribbled out with copious amounts of ink) having arrived at the Place we were greeted by the mother of the tribe who could speak common fluently and was respectful to all members of the party. we learned more about the area and what the Lapendi culture was descended from apparently the culture was from before the great floods and somehow survived because of (the words here are illegible to anyone having been scribbled out with copious amounts of ink) other than that I have no idea how they survived.


Oh and I should mention that the hunters that we encountered on the plains were surrounding an Illithed like Elephant one that can be seen above this was presumably because of their god’s awakening and fighting each other was the first conclusion I came to. this lasted until I was reminded that the Illithids and the jackal people had crashed an airship into the area of the plains. now after Treating with the Mother of the Tribe we left and were attempting to enter the GQE portal to get a bit of rest and head back to the potted plant but were attacked by a well this Illisaurs-rex which spat out brains with legs routed at first. we ran then counter-attacked and took down the beast finding inside of it the remains of someone who had a headdress that seemed to be in the interest of the Lapendi culture taking the creature’s head and going back through the GQE portal we spent the night at the potted plant. before going back to the Area where the Lapendi cultural center was located, now the reason I have not told where this location is is that the Lapendi leaders asked us to keep it secret so I shall. but if you want to claim rewards from the Lapendi for taking out one of the tentacled terrors seek a roving band and ask to be brought to the mothers for you wish to help keep the plains clean of aberrant influence.

Words On the Lapendi From Glen the sailor formerly of the sea