By bloodhunter(Amnon)


Slayer, Blue, Snails, Viran, Amnon, Bharash, Illyria

I was excited to have been chosen for this exploratory trip with some of the more experienced adventurers. Light hearted and ready to go I grab my pack and gear and head out. This was going to be fun and I was ready. I have an actual mission starting soon and this was just a little expedition to warm up the blood before the real stuff starts. Never have I been so wrong.

Things were going just fine the first day and we made it to the edge of the swamps south of WMC. Our leader decided it would be best to make camp for the night before heading into the swamp. Makes since not wanting to be caught trying to make camp after dark so we all agreed with making camp and entering into the swamp at first light. Blue manged to score some rabbits fore dinner and after which we assigned watch. First watch went will since I wasn’t awoken, however second watch did not. I was awoken by Blue saying someone was in need of our assistance. The two on watch had went ahead to scout when blood curdling screams split the air. We heard Slayer yell as we ran to assist, fear grip my very soul running thru thick and thicket, over fallen trees and over small hill. Seeing a light ahead I prepared a spell to sling soon as I was in range. “Old Great One speed my steps,” I mutter to myself.

As I came into view of the monstrous giant insect, Slayer was bleeding badly. The beast had him in one of its claws, I let an eldritch blast fly. As a terrified child scream fill the air it inspired our party to vanquish these foes with haste. An unrecognizable body, possibly the child’s mother, lay torn asunder released from pain. Sword and arrows flew into the harden exoskeleton of the giant beetle like creatures, this however only seemed to enrage the foul creatures further. For every blow we delivered, the giant arthropods returned in kind to the heroes closest. My heart sank into the souls of my feet as I saw the life squeezed from valiant Slayer. Even the resourceful Illyria was unable to save him giving her life in the effort. The beetle creature began spewing a vile viscous fluid from betwixt its mandibles the bile melted the very skin from the bone, our numbers began falling. Fear and rage fueled those remaining, determined to save both party and child.

As more of the monster fell, heroically and with valiant honor, Viran and Barash courageously fought till their last breath. I heard Blue yell for the child to return as he fell the last beetle like creaure. After scanning the carnage, the child was no where to be seen. Badly injured and with a heavy heart, we began to gather our fallen. I didn’t know them long, nor what gods watch over them, I offered up a simple prayer. As the stars looked down upon us we lit the pier. As flames roared into the night we quietly mourned their loss.

Knowing the noise and smell of blood would attract more beast we moved camp. Finding an outcropping we made camp. Our first two watches went by with no problems. Just random noises and a battle in the distance. One which we would not partake with our injuries. Again we were awoken by Blue as he told us of voices to our north, just over a nearby hill. They could be heard chanting and a woman’s cry, pleading for help. Unable to recover from our wounds received in the earlier battle, with great sorrow attempted to sneak away. We froze as unfamiliar voices spoke of our movements. Figures peered over the hill searching. Hearing an aggravated exchange between two of our pursuers we froze. When a body fell from above dressed in what appeared to be cultist grab, strange tentacles writhing where a hand should have been. Again we attempted to sneak away to no avail as this time we were spotted. I loosed an eldritch blast to slow their pursuit as more creatures dress in the same grab leaped over the hill top. As one caught up to Blue he was entangled by the strange appendage hear heard other cultist chanting as the guttural sound came from over the hill. Sending more blast as Blue fought his way free from its grasp we continued our escape. That’s when it appeared. Cheers could be heard as a huge flame burst into the sky. A huge skeletal monstrosity engulfed in flame streaked into the sky as a blood curdling screech came from its mouth. We ran on as our pursuers fell to their knees in glee and awe of their summoned god.

Exhausted, wounded and ashamed, as fear kept out feet moving when bodies wanted to collapse. Before light began to rise our bodies felt it could go no more as we fell into further exhaustion. Passing though a burnt field we had to take a short respite just to continue. Finally seeing the town of WMC we pushed on towards town. Beaten, broken and sorrow swallowed we made it to town.