Gathering at the Potted Plant

DM- Geo

1. Leader: Ildan – 6 Paladin

2. Scout: Caslech 6 Warlock

3.  Trailblazer: Quinn 5 Ranger

4.  Ogis  9 Cleric

5. Nalkris 6 Warlock

6.  Cober 1 Cleric / 5 Wizard

7. Till – 1 Cleric / 5 Sorcerer


Mission- Secure Third Farm for Port Mirandia

Meeting Garden of Flowers

The seven of us all met at the Potted Plant and most of us were all aquanted. Although there was a new face for me… Nalkris so we all introduced ourselves and were then greeted by Winklekey the Gnome. He supplied us with a variety of information and not only about the farm we were here to aid. For the farm he told us their land was rejecting the seeds used by the farmers of Ruined Oak and White Moon Cove and they heard tale of some local crops they could grow in this soil. We were told that Garden of Flowers would be bale to give us further information on this supply of seeds. Garden is a Tabaxi living just over the bridge outside of Port Mirandia. 

The other information provided was about the Altis Symbols. I witnessed man walk into the White Moon Cove graveyard and ask to speak to Chemist he was carrying a plate. A little while later Caslesh came to see Chemist about plates that looked similar. The two worked out a deal and Caslesh told Chemist he would collect the rest.  Currently Caslesh and Chemist are in possesion of all the symbols. Wedelkey told Cober, Ildan and Caslesh that the Shadow Queen has moved into a fort that they believe to be the next part of the Altis Symbols. The symbols are a key to open the Altis Palace and thrwats the Yaun-Ti threat again, a threat the Altis Warriors originally stopped. 

After gathering this information we headed over to meet the farmer and acess the situatin for ourselves. Indeed the crops were not taking to the lands but they did have a variety of animals living on the grounds. They told us of the same seeds and said they were not entirely sure of the location but it was possibly east in the Glernn Valley. So we decided it best to ask Garden of Flowers to be percise and headed to see the the tabaxi. Garden informed us that it was a storehouse of seeds that was ransacked by some ogres a while ago. He had found where they dropped them off at but had not made it out their to get them back. Let us know we were welcome to let the farmers put them to good use. He marked and area of the map between the lands of two Hobgoblin tribes the Sunter and Gruff Gruff. We headed in that direction wanting to quickly resolve thsi farm’s issue.

A Night in Enchanted Ruins

So we traveled along the new road along the river and saw a few interesting things on our way. First we saw a small abandoned thatched cottage. With Goblin grafetti carved into the walls. This place looked like a gathering place for adolescent hobgoblins of the Sunter tribe. Nothign of value was there the words there “Thunder Birds Rule” and ” Salsamar is a Limp” 

We saw nothing else along the way of interest and found a beautiful place to camp for the night. It was an old battlment witha strem running through one side of it. Cober detected magic since the walls looked interesting and were covered in pink and silver flowers. The walls were enchanted to help preserve tehm over time. Quinn hunted down a doe and i found some strawberries we had a nice meal on the road. Our watches went pretty uneventful although Ogis did find an old pouch with some calligraphy inside of it. Cober and Ildan also saw an interesting creature come and drink from the stream but it left us alone as we did it. We woke up the next morning and before we left I collected some of the flowers to transport tehm to the graveyard in Port Mirandia.

Finding the Cave

We traveled east from our campsite and into the woods. We noticed eyes on us early in the day as we saw Sunter Tribe Hobgoblins follow us. You can tell they are Sunter by the double war paint marks under their eyes. They were not hostile towards us but they did keep an eye on us. We decided to act normally and not interact with them, but cautiously letting them know we were aware of their pressence. As we moved farther east towards the mountian we saw a camp packing up and what a rather large camp it was. We noticed five ogres and about twenty some goblins. There was also a rather large catlike creature in the camp.

Ildan apporached the camp and talked to the Ogres who seemed to be packing up supplies. Ildan and the ogres exchangeda few words and the ogres let us know they were heading back home and heading east toward the mountians. We did not inquire much further but they did not seem hostile, just a traveling group going home. They did however point out the direction to the cave we were looking for and we thanked them. 

Ants, Plants and Jacklebears

We moved towards the cave and we found another stream that seemed to run from the cave which was elvevated and had a waterfall running from the mouth of the cave. It is a beautiful site. Now if you hav not had the pleasure of traveling with Quinn and her bird of prey Valor you have not witnessed this airborn tactic I am about to describe. Valor grabs Quinn and flies into the air giving Quinn some tactical advantages as well as vision from the sky. At this point Quinn let us know that there were some very large ants aroudn the ruins infront of this cave. We moved forward with caution to try and not disturbed the ants.

Being worried about the ants had us focusing more on them then the rest of our surroundings and Ildan was surprised by a rather large corpseflower and this is when things got interesting. Caslesh merged with Atiesh and flew up to gain higher ground as I moved to take cover in the brush. We both disturbed things unknowningly. I had some small birds fly out and distract me, but Cas he uncovered an old undead being and it was not looking to make friends. 

Nalkris who was with Cas also uncovered one of theses undead being and the two warlocks unleashed some eldritch power towards them. Ildan stabbed the plant with his rapier as Cober dropped a ball of fire behind it and brought it down, but not before its stench froze Ogis in his tracks. Quinn was letting arrows fly from above and i was supporting with my spirital thron whip and firebolts. Ogis shook off the ill effects of the stench as a second plant appeared and he quickly blighted the monstrosity. The undeads were very tricky and seemed to resist all the elements that Cober threw at it, but the eldritch power was effecting them as well as Quinn’s arrows. Arounf this time with al the noise we had made we awoke something else…

Ildan was focused on the second corpseflower when out of the corner of his eye he saw this come out of a cave next to the waterfall. He quickly had a bad feeling and charged it and with a fierce blow combine with his divine power he shattered this fiend’s lifeforce as his rapier stabbed through it. It was an explosion of divine power that allowed us to handle the rest of the encounter with ease. 

The Way Home

We decided a short rest was in order to get our bearings before we explored the cave. During this time Quinn spoke to the ants who surprisingly were docile towards us in the fight. I could only imagine if one of them got hurt in the melee how the colony would of reacted, but we were lucky. They informed us they avoided the plant creatures and that they were only there to collect food for the colony. Also at this time Nalkris used a scroll of speak with the dead to ask one of the undead being more about why it was here and who it was.

What was your name? Philmontar

What the place was? The garden of Sshushumarr

Who was Sshushumarr? She was his queen

Did he live here or was his home far away? His home was far away from here

Do you recognize this symbol (That Caslech showed, link to an enemy group called something like Latech)? Yes that is the symbol of the enemy of my queen.

This information gave us the Name of the Yaun-Ti queen the Altis Warriors defeated at least we assume and this cave was a garden whe liked to visit long ago. After the being answered these question we let him rest and we started to explore the cave. We found a nice stash inside this cave including the seeds we needed. We started to head back to Port Mirandia to drop the seeds off to the farmer and relax at the Potted Plant. Nothing really bothered us on the road and we double timed it back to avoid sleeping outside of the town.