Seeing as we’ve made several attempts to reach the Shadar Kai, the trips has been combined into one longer one. Some information has been left out or trimmed.

Table of Contents

The location of Shadar Kai’s portal
First Venture
Second Venture
Third Venture

First Venture

I’m only covering the enemy that was not finished off. If you’re interested in learning more about the first venture, I suggest reading Theren’s log.

On the night where there was mist and a strange sound, we encountered a masked Shadar Kai (accompanied by several shadows). The masked Shadar Kai has a couple things worth noting.

The Masked Shadar Kai

  • He was not caught off guard by me shooting from beyond the usual elf darkvision limits (I was firing from the limit of my comfortable shooting range of 80 ft.).
  • He is exceptionally mobile. It was almost as if he were dancing around the battlefield.
  • His attacks put us off balance, causing us to not be able to swing at him in time as he danced around the battlefield.
  • Sometimes, his attacks would be infused with a bit of poison that causes a lesser kind of paralysis.
  • He was able to catch arrows and throw them back.
  • He seems to take pleasure in killing and mutilating bodies. I would highly recommend, if possible, healing downed allies as quickly as possible.

According to Theren, the fallen (which included myself) reappeared in the mist just outside of town. As we approached town we got a missive from Ellie, suggesting that he’s connected to Ellie.

After reading the other logs, I speculate that this might have been the Shadar Kai general that absorbed the fiend essence (ki?), Mortion. This would explain how he came to work with Ellie (she had stated that she executed a Shadar Kai general; I’m assuming that he was brought back to “life”).

If you manage to kill him, I strongly advise destroying/incinerating the body.

Last seen in the Ghostwood Marsh

Second Venture

Disclaimer: I spilled water on some of my notes, so there may be missing or inaccurate details.

On our second trip, we came across many animals bleeding out of every orifice. Do NOT try eating these creatures. Doing so will cause you to begin bleeding as well.

Late into our journey, we heard a sound of a battle. As we got closer, we saw two unfamiliar groups fighting one another just outside of a shadow portal (Kaine would later recognize this to be the portal to the Shadar Kai).

Shadow Portal to the Shadar Kai

Group A:


Seemed to be a fairly standard succubus.
She was defeated in the battle.
I later had vision where the same succubus came bursting out of a Shadar Kai body that was being sacrificed on an altar.

Purple Dragon

Looked more serpentine that other dragons
Its breath seemed to assault the mind.
I think someone from the Group B look a little dazed after being it by it.
Escaped into the shadow portal.
On our third venture, the unknown dragon* dropped its corpse in front of us.

Purple Robed Wizard (not an actual drawing of their robes)

They conjured a large, polished silver mirror. A spell sent into this mirror is altered (I do not know if it only applies to their spells).

Unfortunately, I was not close enough to actually see anything but the robes.
Escaped into the shadow portal.

Group B:

Two Bloodwrack Medusas

These women with snake like bodies wore ornate golden masks. When they removed their masks, some of us started to bleed out of every orifice.
This did not require them to see us as we were hiding when this occurred.
We were over 100 feet away when we were affected.
We stopped bleeding after some time.
I believe Kaine tried casting lesser restoration to no effect.
I suspect they are responsible for the bleeding animals.

Both were defeated in battle.

Two Masked Elves (“Bloody Elf”)

These masked elves had pale, almost snow bleached-like skin. I believe they carried arrows with the red feathers.
I didn’t notice any special abilities.
I had never seen this type of elf before (they might only exist on Katashaka)

Both were defeated in battle.

Uncertain about whose side we should be supporting, we decided to wait and watch. Shortly after we began to bleed, Kaine decided to start attacking group A and we followed suit (I never asked him why he chose that side). With how late we joined the battle, we were unable to help anyone on group B survive. We did, however, force group A to retreat.

After they retreated and did a quick search of the area, Servant tried sending his imp through the portal. His imp not reappearing, Chemist tried sending his skeleton in after and it too did not return. Deciding it was best not to follow and satisfied that we relocated the portal, we began to head back.

It was on the trek back that I had the vision (during watch; while inside a tiny hut). I saw shadowy figures before the scene switched to a Shadar Kai being sacrificed on an altar and the succubus from earlier bursting through the chest. The day after, we came across that very altar I saw. On the altar was a dead, chained Shadar Kai and a symbol that we would later learn to be the Mark of Aelcess (this area is where my notes are especially hard to read, so I might be remembering incorrectly). I think we had also seen reptilian footprints nearby?

Mark of Aelcess

Also during the trek back, Kaine casted See Invisibility (I think it was because something was messing with the medusa head we had) and said that there was some sort of smoke. He also mentioned something about seeing an imp with the Mark of Aelcess on it? Supposedly, that imp later committed suicide. Honestly, it’s best you ask him about this directly as I didn’t witness any of this.

Miscellaneous notes/findings:

  • A handkerchief with the initials M.K. on it
  • Spices from Eastern Trading Co.
  • A looted wagon with that had a symbol of tiny boat on water (I believe on the boxes).
  • Several backward facing barbed arrows that had some purple and pink on it (fletching(?)).
  • The hair of Lucina (Kaine’s… romantic interest…? from the masquerade) on a branch.
  • A tombstone with the name Khaine written on it. Ask Chemist if you want to see it.

*We are not completely certain that it was a dragon due to us not being able to see it.

Third Venture

For more information, I recommend reading Lyric’s Encyclopedia and Tar’s Log.

On our way to the portal we came across a black and white pillar (similar to a zebra). The pillar was at least 2000 years old, but could easily be much older. On one of the faces was the Mark of Aelcess. Around the pillar were footprints that made a strange sigil.

Sigil Around the Pillar

Something felt off about the sigil, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. After removing the sigil, the face with the Mark of Aelcess on it seemed to be tracking me and some kind of magic begins recreating it. Dispelling the effect stops it temporarily. Nobody was able to see invisible or ethereal creatures in our group, so it might be worth trying if you pass by.
On our trip back, Lyric and Cynder (two people that had the Mark of Aelcess) touched the pillar and said it felt warm.

We found some cat toys and shards of blue quartz. Near the area, we saw 4-toed footprints (likely reptilian) heading south east. We decided to follow the footprints (getting sidetracked by fruit along the way) and found ourselves in front of the shadow portal that goes to the Shadar Kai.

Since it was getting late, we decided to rest, obscuring our tiny hut a decent distance from the portal. In the middle of the night, an unseen creature (we’re suspecting it to be a dragon):

  • Blasted our hut with some kind of force
  • Encase our hut with an unknown black goop.
    • Eventually, the light disappeared inside the hut and it got a little chilly. At some point, the goop had solidified.
  • Dispelled the hut
  • Was still unseen after the hut was dispelled and the goop broke it half.
    • Uncertain if it was unseen due a spell or if it’s adept at hiding in darkness (similar to the famous Vuldred… or that Xenon person Lyric mentioned)
  • Dropped the corpse of the purple dragon I had encountered before as I began to talk about it in common.
    • Suggests that it probably speaks common
  • Spoke draconic.
  • Supposedly had collected samples from us before it left us alone.

In the morning, we stepped through the portal and found ourselves in a strange banquet hall of sort. Immediately on the other side, I and a few other people became enamored by the scent of incense. Despite wanting to just relax and enjoy the perfect place, we began to search the area. Among the things we found were:

  • Heraldry that seemed to focus on serpents
  • Various armors, weapons, clothing, drinks, etc. that seemed perfect
  • Masks that depicted beasts and mythical creatures.
  • The place radiated magic from every school.
  • Several locked books on desk.
    • While sifting through books that might be of historical importance I came across one titled ‘Lexiconum of Mythals’.
      • I tried to remove the lock on it, but it was such a perfect lock that I was unable to remove it.

During our search Lucillia, an abyssal tiefling bearing the Mark of Aelcess, appeared.


  • She seemed honest and nice, but I don’t fully trust her yet
  • Has been watching over the Shadar Kai home after they had been forced out by the “Bloody Elves”.
  • A follower of Aelcess, the god of perfection, beauty, and pleasure.
  • Supposedly has not seen the dragon that jumped into the portal.
  • Claims that the bloody elves are framing them by using Aelcess’s symbols
  • Mentioned that getting rid of the “bloody elves'” queen would cause a bit of internal chaos (or something like that; I wasn’t paying full attention)
  • Is able to tattoo the Mark of Aelcess on others

We learned that the Mark of Aelcess:

Mark of Aelcess

  • Permitted a single item to be taken out of the demiplane (or whatever you would call the Shadar Kai home). Note: We did not try to take an item out of the place without a mark.
    • Cynder, Lyric and Abu got the mark tattooed on them. Abu took the implement used to draw the tattoos. Cynder took a dress. Lyric took a necklace.
  • Gave off an aura of divination
  • Signifies those that have accepted the pursuit of perfection under the aspect of excess

In hindsight, it seems odd that we all considered that place perfect. How such a place even exists is beyond me. One would think that the previous logs would have mentioned how perfect it was.

Though we didn’t actively look for it, I can’t remember seeing signs of the skeleton Chemist had sent through last time.

Miscellaneous notes/findings:

  • The mauled corpse of a half-elf and her child. Likely attacked by a bear.
  • A black, broken long sword that radiated illusion magic. Lyric has it.
  • A jet black buck with glowing red eyes.
  • A fruit that is invisible to some. It’s flavorless to those that can’t see it, but it’s still filling. Supposedly sour to those that can see it. Lyric took some seeds.
  • A thin werewolf-ish looking creature with a clipboard and a yellow hat issued a ticket to Chemist for not having a permit for his tiny hut.
  • The scent of blood was not prominent on this venture.

Additional Reading

For more on Ellie (aka D’Ellie): Chemist’s Log on the Archive

For more on the Shadar Kai: Artix’s Log on the Masquerade

Please correct me if I reported any incorrect information, if there’s information you’d like me to add or any advice on how to better format this log.

– Julia “Dust” Primrose