PCs: Hanna, Guile, Lyric, Karash, Scoitha, Hellscream, Rhalem

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Written by Hanna

My skills know no limit

So, I decided to show some of the new arrivals to the island around for the day. Having been here for a week myself they were of course hanging on my every word.

Off we set to explore some unearthed runes less than a day’s travel north

Clear as mud

Finding the sinkhole was easy enough, Lyric knew how to find her way around the land. Guess that comes with being a druid and all that. Guile was kind enough to prep us all lunch, such a nice young lady.
Hammering in a piton I secured a rope and down we went, coming to an opening to the side of a long tunnel, the left up, the right down. Tunnel was so long (600+ft) it would have taken me a full half minuet to clear it at a dead sprint. (I am very, very fast

I can still taste it

Once we got there, I popped us past a few doors, but I decided to give the others some time to shine on some silly little “scary” door. Few rooms and halls later we ran into some undead. I had eaten some blue aloe to detect them. It was…. Slimy

Dun dun dun dun... dun... dun... DUN, DUH, DAH!

I, Lyric, Rhalem, handled the flank.

Scoitha and Guile tossing down support magics on both sides

Rhalem took a blow so heavy it staggered him, So I responded by valiantly throwing my own body in the way to protect my junior adventures. It was a brutal fight, at one-point Lyric tore a head right off one of the ghouls. Spoilers, we won.

Now it should be known, this place was trapped to the nine hells and back. And for some reason, we sent off trap after trap. ALL OF THEM ON DOORS. Some point you THINK WE WOULD LOOK FIRST. Fear bombs, FIRE BOMBS, at one point SOMEONE near electrical himself by stepping on a metal plate and grabbing a metal door handle. Lucky I was there to save the day.

We came across a “medical” room, and checking the bodies revealed that they had two huge cysts on their upper back right over their shoulder blades. And a bunch of documents that talked about using undead to fight something? Something about hands being too strong? Rhalem would know more, I was too busy sniffing out secrets.

Eventually my incredible skill and relentless determination led to the discovery of a hidden control room.

We all agreed we should read all the instructions and contemplate which levers to pull, and what buttons to hit. Then TWO CRAZY PEOPLE JUST STARTED SLAMMING ALL OF THEM.

Mad men

Then the alarms went off

Time to go

Then we ran

More accurate than i would like



So, yah that faculty is GONE. But we all made it home, so ill call this one a win.