DM: Geokhan
PCs: Naal (Yours Truly), Chemist, Eddings, Joule, Ogis, Oogway, Uzza, Zak

We ventured outside WMC when winds of dark magic abated our walls and a supernatural storm brewed outside our walls. Well, not right at our gates, a few miles away. The storm covered a northern tip of the Ghostwood Marsh, the crevasse and a portion of the road to the Spider’s Reach outpost. Together we headed toward the crossroads, where we found the remains of a caravan which exploded when it’s contents were set on fire, with the other vehicles involved in a chain reaction as well. Apparently Talos gimmick, hopefully the last of it. Reports about what transpired are varied and confusing. Three riders made haste toward WMC, reporting a Kobold party had set the caravan aflame which came due South, the mention of a large bloob of a flaming, flying man after the conflagration headed north toward the irradiated crater site. The reports further said the Kobolds had headed due West after that. We decided to pursue.

We reached a brick outpost manned by a monk, who we eventually discovered makes part of Yarsby’s network, whom Chemist managed to placate for further intelligence:

“Yarsby, if you are reading this, then I am dead.
I have learnt that the cultists are up to no good, I have seen patrol with large blood giants moving about. Maybe they have something to do with those strange totems buried about.
I have followed the cultist stench to the edge of the Forest. They have been moving supplies in and out for the last few days and appear to be close to executing their plan. I believe that the source for creating these giants of blood lies within the ruins, as I overhead a cultist say that the summoning ritual was on schedule.
I do not think I have been spotted as I have watched the door of the ruins for several days and have spied four or five of the giants leave out on mission or patrol. I wished to follow them and see what they are up to but getting inside that ruins I think is more important. I just need to find a way to enter without giving myself away.
Oy oy that was close, I manage to enter thanks to some adventures, I had sought to warn them, but they were in such a rush. I used their actions as a distraction and lucky there are enough dark places to rest.
It seems the cultist here are of the Void and are working with cultist of blood. It seems that the blood cultist has the upper hand in the hierarchy. Saw two of them arguing and the blood cultist put the void on in their place.
I overheard them talking about the Gnoll portal, that is in some cave or hole. Says that the Island could be overran by them if left unchecked, but the Talos have a plan for that. Something about using a bomb to shut it down when they are done with them and they have served their purpose.
Well there a big old boy in this place, does not seem like he is the leader, more of an oversized bodyguard it seems. I still would not want to get hit with that hammer.
The cultists are using some sort of ritual here to summon the blood giants, not sure how they are doing it, but that crystal has something to do with it. I will need to take it out if I get the chance, but big boy hovers over it like a hen.
It seems the blood cultist follows someone named Tasaran, and the Void are part of an alliance with and follow the Hex council.
It seems that I will soon have my chance sound like another group from the cove is given this place some fits. The big boy and his group are leaving through a portal of some kind and that crystal looks like its about to do something funny, here I go…”

With the intel in hand, we then decided to head to the outpost, check if it was under attack behind the storm’s cover (which we should’ve done first if you ask me, and since you’re reading this, you are) and we found the place intact. We rested for the night there and in the following morning made our way back to WMC, by stepping into the ominous storm.

The visibility was poor and we got ambushed by aberrant mixes of bones, shadow and blood. What looked like an ancient lich engaged us as well, archers who could draw shade-stuff and bind you where you stood while sapping at your life-force. We forced the Lich to retreat amid the shadows it had conjured before we defeated it’s underlings and continued to brave the storm until it became clear that visibility would only grow worse and cantrips weren’t helping matters. We deviated from the road, made our way to the crossroads and then back to WMC. All these tricks of the Blood Cult, likely. I’d hate to imagine what we would’ve faced hadn’t we destroyed their blood giant facility.

We require some way to dispel the storm or see within it somehow. At least it should penalize the bulk of the Legion’s forces, hopefully.