DM: Lewis
PCs: Treylan, Ragnar, Eep, Alduin, Jax

We heard about some green mist and drow operating in there, just a bit north of Ruined Oak. As drow so close to town can only mean bad things, we went out to investigate and maybe stop that mist expanding. Alduin told us about that mist, seeing some kind of structure in there, and what happened when he and his group were ambushed by the drow and some four-legged fiends.

Entering the mist was quite unpleasant and Treylan, as well as Ragnar started coughing ride away. I led us through the mist, searching for what Alduin had described. Over time we got accustomed to the mist but I could barely see in the mist and we got lost a bit reaching the briarwall. Treylan looked a bit around and found some flower like building. In the meantime Eep did some detect magic casting and almost got confused and his stomach rebelled as of the huge response coming from the mist. He quickly cached him self and let go of the detect magic.

As we got closer to that flower, we could see that it was a big tree concluding a circle of smaller trees. we could hear some chatter, but were unable to understand what was said. eep started a ritual to comprehend languages, but while he was casting, the chatter stopped. As eep finished his spell, all to familiar wild magic manifested giving some of us the ability to comprehend languages.

We moved closer and two Hags accompanied by two drow-like demons waited for us before a portal in the big tree. The green mist seemed to come from that portal. Eep chatted with them a bit. I could not understand their responses, but Eep talked about becoming friends. The drow-fiends did more look like they would like to eat us. After a while Eep asked the hags if they would be so nice to make the green mist coming from the tree stop. They did not respond and Eep decided he had enough. He threw a fireball towards him, that got all of them in his explosion. But the next Moment where they just had stand, there was only the burned earth and no sign of the hags or fiends.

A familiar looking drow on an also familiar but somehow changed horse appeared behind Eep and slashed at him. Eknik, the rumors are true he is here, that can only mean trouble and oh my god what has he done to Wardens pegasus Zessa. Just as some more drow appeared it went dark around Eknik.

I casted bless on all of us, but the wild magic also affected my clerical spells. While i got my bless of, i was transferred to the ethereal plane there i could see the hags and fiends again. I could se how they returned to the material plane just as Eknik charged me. Somehow Eknik and Zessa also traveled to the ethereal plane. I responded by drawing my wand and throwing a lightning bolt towards Eknik but he jumped out of the way and lessened the effect.

I could still see my friends fighting against the other drow as well as the hags and the demons. Eep did some quick back to back fireballing turning one hag and one of the drow demons into ashes, then helped Ragnar, Treylan and Alduin fighting of the other enemies. Eknik attacked me again and as i still had my wand drawn, i was unable to shield my self against his strikes. I barely was able to keep my breath. I healed my self a bit back up and put the wand away to better defend myself. I could only see how Zessa charged me, then everything went black.

Treylan was over me and i got back up, after receiving some healing. It seems my body had returned to the martial plane shortly after i had passed out. My friends had defeated the enemies. Eknik appeared again at the Portal and disappeared anew without coming back. But this is surly not the last time we have seen him.

Investigating the Portal in the tree and the green mist coming out of it we decided it would be the best if we somehow destroy the portal. So we tried to burn the tree, after some time it looked like the tree is putting out some of the flames himself, so Ragnar got closer and slashed the tree with his sword. to our surprise the tree was not a tree, it was a treant that did not like us setting him on fire. Eep hurled a mighty fireball towards the treant and it responded by animating an tree right behind Eep into another treant.

Traylan and Ragnar smited the treant while Eep ran away from the one behind him. In an attempted to finish the original treant i used my wand again. While the lightning hit the treant, wild magic confused my self and Alduin. As we finished the one treant, the other hurled a rock towards Eep, sending him to the ground. Ragnar rushed towards Eep and healed him, getting him up again. Confused as i was i punched the treant with my bare hands, i think i punched Treylan once also. As the treant tried to hit me i casted shield, which polymorphed me into a naked hobgoblin.

After continuing hitting the treant with my bare hands, Ragnar told me to get his trident out of his bag of holding, which i did.We finally defeated the other treant and Eep casted dispel magic on me bringing me back to my normal form. Making sure the treants would not get up again we burned them a bit more. As the Portal was now destroyed the green mist vanished over time and we made our way back to ruined Oak.