DM: Grumpy
PCs: Ragna, Lara, Magmus, Addison, Merric, Jax

Although Ragna and Lara weren’t fond about it, we gathered to explore the Whisper Woods a bit more. I led us northwards and over the river the day passed rather quite and we set up camp. Many skeletal remains were lying on the ground, half buried, looking quite old. We scanned the area but did not found anything unnatural, so we took watches and rested for the night.

I got woken up early by Magmus, as something was talking to him in his head about, I woke up Ragna as the situations looked suspicious. Merric had turned into a lion and after questioning the situation and trying to figure out who might have spoken, Magmus cleared it up, saying it was Merric in his lion form, saying he smelled something a bit south east of our camp.

We investigated  for a bit but couldn’t find anything. Only Magmus said he saw something and started digging into the ground. I went over, but there was nothing. I asked Magmus for what he is digging and told him that there does not seem to be anything. But he was sure of him self and digged even more furiously, so i led him and the rest of us continued our rest and Watches. Then it was my time for Watch I saw that Magmus had digged out some bone and was sleeping again. I’m not sure if it was for what he was searching, but it seemed he found it. I woke up Ragna for her watch and laid down again, to get some more hours of sleep.

A terrible scream of some large bat like creature woke me up and i could see how it was clawing at Ragna and flying away with her. In addition three undead creatures attacked us, sending Merric to the ground. But i was able to turn two of them with the help of my god and heal up Merric. As we then finished those creatures off, they turned into mist and sank into the grounds. Ragna, hold in the air by that creature, that, after looking at it for a few seconds, I could make out to be a vampire, teleported her self out of its claws half the way to the ground, in the mid of the air, falling the rest and rolling herself up.

The vampire swooped down again towards Magmus, starting to carry him away, but Ragna went after it and with his holy power smote it out of the air. The last remaining of the other 3 undead turned into mist and fled as the vampire slowly began sinking into the ground. I healed Magmus and Merric back up and Ragna was hearing voices telling him “My minions will find you, you will be mine”. Magmus started to behave a bit angry, insulting us.

As we continued our way the next day, we went alongside the edge of the Whisper Woods for a bit as Grif busted out and run, with Lara on him, towards the Woods. Lara quickly dismissed her horse, falling down and coming back to us, we kept a bit more distance to the Woods and made up camp outside the forest, planning to head in in the morning.

The night started to be relatively quite, as suddenly a gust of wind turned out our campfires, Magmus was more and more a douche, camping on his own a few feet away from the rest. I woke up the rest but it seemed it was more of a natural, although still strange phenomenon. For sure Magmus angrily accursed us for putting out his fire. I thought something had changed after we fought the vampire, as he was more friendly before, but he still seemed to be kind of normal just easily getting annoyed and angry. 
Later the night I was awoken again, as Magmus’s fire had spread, and started to catch on him. I quickly summoned a wall of wind surrounding the fires and turning out the spreads while keeping his main fire mostly intact. Well maybe next time i will let him burn he seems to prefer that instead of getting helped, as he accursed us for trying to kill him and had no kind words.

The next day we finally marched into the Whisper Woods, It was better to navigate then the last time I went there but the sounds there still there and Addison and Merric bolted off, luckily they fang themselves quickly, as we came across a ruined tower with a heavy grating covering a deep hole. After Magmus freed the grating from some bricks and stones we were able to lift it and push it to the side. There was no end in sight and a light up stone, thrown down, took some seconds to land on the ground. As we were discussing how we possible could move down and trying to figure out how deep the hole actually is, Lara gave Magmus a sign, counted down and jumped on Griff down the hole.

The sound of here landing did not sound promising. Addison secured a rope on the edge and started to slide it down, but loosing its grip to the end and also falling for quite a bit it seemed. Magmus went after, climbed down the rope, screamed in rage and jumped down the rest and Merric turned into an ape, climbing down the hole, but also fell the last bits. Seeing all this i could estimate that tht hole went down like 100 to 130 feet. Only Ragna and I were still up and without seeing how we might get back up we refused to jump down ourselves.  All but Lara made it down at least in ok condition and luckily for Lara, Addison was able to heal her dying body back up.

Ragna and I searched at the tower for an alternate way down, while we could here Magmus from down there saying that they should follow him, as there seemed to be a tunnel of some kind. Shortly after we could hear a familiar scream from down there and we could hear that Merric and Addison started to climb up as that three undead we fought the other night appeared and coming towards me. They got me a bit by surprise as they hit with such a massive impact I could not move or do anything. I just stood there stunned and then the world went black, as I felt another hefty hit to my back. The next thing I saw was Ragna standing over, laying her hands on my body and fusing divine power in me, bringing me back. But I was still laying on the ground, unable to move for a few seconds.

Then, after i was able to stay up again, I saw Addison climbing out of the hole. But there was Merric and what happened to Magmus and Lara? Shortly after also the vampire came out of the hole, gazing at Ragna, trying to fly away with her again. My divine Power hold off the other three things and slowly brought them down and Ragna gains teleported out of the vampire and luckily it seemed to have wounded itself quite hefty when it had attacked Ragna the last time and was quite hindered in its ability to fly. It fled and the last remaining other undead also started to turn into mist again and fled.

Together with Addison we took of and quickly moved out of the Woods and towards Ruined Oak again. The Journey was quite and we mourned for our lost comrades. As we there reaching the river we came across Magmus and Lara, it seems they also made it out, but Merric was lost, turn apart by that vampire. Magmus was a bit uneasy how to cross the river and was for a change thank full for me helping him walking over it. We continued our Way to Ruined Oak and pushed to the night to the safety of the town.