DMs: DGM, Fazakerly
PCs: Dan, Oet, Yog, Tohil, Warden, Akris, Thran, Vuldred, Bartimaeus, Jax and lot more

I heard about the return of Grak and our supplies that he poisoned. I went to the Bitter Dwarf Inn, to see whats up to this story but i could not do much besides some prayers towards Eldath, who sent some food and water and went to rest afterwards, preparing some purification ritual for the poisoned supplies.

As i was purifying our supplies the next day, I heard the sound of a big impact, that sounded like a lightning bolt crashing into some roof. I quickly finished the purification for the moment and rushed outside the Inn. On my way towards the door, water was seeping in and the floor was covered with it. I used my magic to walk over it, to be prepared for heftier floods outside.

Arriving outside, the Storm had come over Ruined Oak. I heard Dan with a loud voice shouting
The Townsfolk was fleeing from the Hall of Guidance, as the sound, I heard earlier, seemed to have come from a lightning bolt crashing into there. Some fled to the inn while followed Dan’s orders. I saw Oet trying to help them, but with each loud thunder he seemed to stop for a bit covering his strange ears.

The rain intensified, but thankfully to my water walking i had no problem moving through the streets. I quickly moved towards the ones having problems, helping them up and navigating them through the streets, blessing the ones in dire need with the ability to walk over the Water. As the lightning illuminated the fields around Ruined Oak, a huge force of Deep Ones was to be seen, chanting and rising voices in an unnatural ululation. Then another Lightning bolt crashed down, this time hitting the temple.

Looking around for people in need, I saw how a wave of people crashed against the inn but been rebuffed by blue kobolds coming from inside. Yog, Tohil and Dan stood against this sheer unending force of kobolds. I rushed to their side and called upon my spiritual guardians, hindering and slaying those masses of kobolds, as Warden appeared, his sword emitting the light of the sun and Akris erupted sunlight from his arm, holding the kobolds off for a moment.

The situation looked dire, as Yog shouted “Go! Get them to safety!” a dozen of those large Deep One Archimandrites could be seen in the water, readying their tridents with lightning. As I don’t fear the Lightning i tried to shield the people from it but Thran dashed out of the Inn, casting his wall of flames, shielding many and hindering the Deep Ones on their march, shouting “Bah! eat fire ye bastards, can’t shoot what ye cannae see!”

With a startled face, as if he realized something, Dan made a break towards the academy, he looked like he had forgotten something important. Warden shouted “the fucking orb!! Get it!!! It’s our only hope!”

But it was not enough the enemy forces of Deep Ones, kobolds, lizardfolk and sahuagin advanced more and more, dismissively killing as they came. Ruined Oak is lost, Our only chance was to flee and get as many people as possible out of town. We gathered around Warden and made us ready to fight, as Vuldred pointed out an opening in the enemy forces to the south. This was our chance to guide those people out of town and to safety, at least for now.

Bartimaeus hold of the Deep Ones with some fireballs and Thran created another wall of flames, covering our retreat. I followed their example and fired some firebolts myself, although those were not as powerful as the exploding balls from Bartimaeus, it helped and we made it out of Ruined Oak. The Deep Ones seemed to be satisfied with us fleeing. In the distance I could make out Grak, riding on a dragon, hurling a fiery bag towards us.