DM: Nastaris
PCs: Phil, Artix, Isaac, Grey, Te’sil, Jax

The mission
A flaming squirrel was waiting in the tavern, Phil and Isaac were questioning it and it was sent by someone called Szordian, seeking help regarding some strange behavior of some local wildlife. We headed to see him, Phil, Grey and Te’sil seemed to already know him and how to reach him and Grey shortly went off to bring some stuff we would need to activate the portal. On our way to him, we found some stone that absorbs all lesser magic.
As we reached the Portal, Grey placed the B-L-A gems in the west side of the portal and the three diamonds in the east side of the portal, activating it, and opening the passage to Szordian.

Isaac had a little talk with him about arcane stuff, I hardly understand. Szordian then explained further what was wrong with the wildlife, as “Animals that are normally docile and indifferent have been attacking other animals. Herbivores going after carnivores, and Carnivores attempting to Graze.” and asked us to investigate. We agreed and he sent us out to a place some there on this Island, outside of his mountain.

Finding the source
As Szordian reminded us, that for him to bring us back, we must be near the spot we arrived, so we marked it for easy finding it later. We discovered, that the dirt is very acidic and out of lacking any hints so far, we traveled north, following the moss growing on the trees.
As we journeyed north we felt vibrations all around, at random intervals, random directions, and distances. I was eating some of my summoned potatoes, as suddenly the ground collapsed a bit, making Phil fall to the ground and into a little hole. Te’sil flew over grabbing Phil and bringing him to a safety stand. Then we saw dozens of tiny potatoes swarming Phil and Artix, slashing at them.

Grey tried to pierce them with his spear, to no effect, but as he punched one with his fists, It exploded spraying acid on Grey and Artix. Isaac, set one of the potatoes on fire, only resulting in it burning, but still slashing at Phil. Phil slashed one of them in half, but the two halves, did not stop moving and continued the slashing independent. With the help of Isaac, I got myself into the position to summon my spirit guardians. But while the potatoes seemed a bit slowed by that, it did not harm them in any way. Artix misty stepped away and I summoned up a circling wind wall, mashing all potatoes and making them explode into acid.
As the night started to fall and Isaac summoned his mansion in the trees, we saw a strong light beam in the south/south-east. Seeing that as a sign, We teleported back to the clearing where we arrived and rested there, Te’sil marked the direction of the light beam on her magical stone and we set out towards it in the morning. I communed with Eldath, confirming that this Light we saw was connected to the source of the strange wildlife.
The journey was uneventful and we arrived at a stone tower, without any entrance. So we rested a last time, let me prepare a way to shape a door into the stone walls. Te’sil had some sort of cooking fight off with the chef cook of the mansion, while Grey recovered from something that happened during his watch.

Exploring the tower
I shaped a door into the tower and we entered. A stair was leading down, around a pillar in the middle, ending by a stone door without any handle, or markings. We forcefully pushed the door open and entered a very bright, almost blinding room below the pillar.

Where was a walkway around an opening and above it In the middle, at the bottom of the pillar there was a huge crystal lense. From down below immense heat there radiating up, looking down, there was magma in a large cavern. The Walkway was circling downwards and we followed it until it stopped before another door. Insight there was a lever with an inscription stating light on it. As Phil casted light on the lever, a lattice out of light was quickly building up. Isaac warned us and Phil stopped his light spell, resulting in the lattice slowly receding.
After I warded Phil from death he went into the room again and pulled the lever. The door shut and we lost contact with Phil. Isaac warned me to not stone shape a new door into the room, while he tried to forcefully open the shut door. But we could not get into the room, then we heard a massive explosion, letting the door shake and crack open slightly. I rushed into the room but there was no sign of Phil or any trace of him. So our only choice was to pull the lever our self again.

Isaac losing it.
The door shut down again and all magic on us got dispelled. Isaac looked a little feared. Artix then casted light on the lever and the lattice of light started to build up again, but more slowly this time. Artix tried to pull up the lever again, but Isaac stopped him and started a tirade of insulting Artix. Then continuing to stay that Te’sil shall stop thinking.
Isaac panicked, tried to rapidly cast light on the lever, and screamed:  

“Aahhhhhh damn it why is it always like this why why!!!!”

while looking at the lattice work with a feral look on his face. screaming again:


Grey tried to cure Isaac to no result. Te’siil started singing to calm Isaac down:


” Some call him the man who tamed the skys”
” Useing alone his sparkling beautiful eyes,”

” Some call him the man of endless talent”
” One of which is how a single man can be so gallant”

” Some call him a man of endless charm”
” Because he keeps the damsels from safe from harm”

” Some call him a shameless flirt”
” For the lady’s wish he would wear no shirt”

But Isaac still stared in rage and fear towards the lattice of light. I called upon my divine powers and casted calm emotions, calming Isaac for the moment. With tears in his eyes, Isaac whispered and thanked me.
But it was only for a short duration as Isaac starred at the lattice, he sprinted towards the wall, screaming 


as he threw himself against the wall and collapsed.
Grey went after him, dragging Isaac back to the group, but as he was by Isaac, Grey noticed the lattice forming a door where Isaac hit the wall. We pushed the door open and found Phil on the other side. Just in time all of us made it through the door, as the door went shut again and we heard a massive explosion in the room we just left.
Phil explained how he enjoyed the puzzle: “What a fun puzzle. The lever turning the lights off so the lattice drew itself slower so you would have time to open the door and get to safety.” Isaac came back with a familiar


but slowly came back to his senses, sobbing and crying 

“Gods….damn….this place”.

Meeting Fizzle Ingle Tingbits

As we were talking about what happened and starting to take a few moments of rest, a feminine voice made her self clear, stating, she could hear us. We introduced our selves and she welcomed us in her laboratory and home where she experiments quite a bit, introducing her self as Fizzle Ingle Tingbits.
She had built that tower around the huge amounts of magma below, to use its energy and created the dispersion crystal lense to not have the wildlife get fried, then they flew through the light. She did not know about the strange wildlife but agreed to work with us and Szordian, to return nature to its usual form. Te’sil was a bit silly, trying to convince everyone getting the magma to a huge explosion as some sort of firework. Phil got a new friend in Izzleflips .

Fizzle then also gifted us astounding items, like a quite nice armor for Artix and gave us something to make it easier to visit her in the future.

Returning to Szordian
We said goodbye and traveled back to Szordian to report our findings. I communed again with Eldath questioning if reducing the light would result in the wildlife getting back to normal. As we stumbled about some unseen but huge beast, Phil stated there were scales as big as him, Isaac teleported us the rest of the way. After reporting to Szordian, we traveled back to White Moon Cove.