Aram, Stitches, Pyhora, Prime, Vahn

Geokhan – Mines

Mercies Bestowed:
– 3 Guiding Bolt
– 1 Bless
The group paid in full, and generously offered additional coin as ‘my share’. May they take care.
– XX

Addendum: I have been told my invoice is not a ‘log’, and I must provide an account of my impressions in detail. My strongest impression is of Vahn, a man with blue skin who called his race Triton. It is clear common is not his first language, but despite our shared difficulties with the tongue he explained his affinity for creatures of water. Pyhora too claimed affinity for water as a ‘marine’, a warrior of the boats and seas who hunts ‘pirates’. I hold him in the high esteem befitting those who devote themselves to keeping others safe. Perhaps I will travel with him one day to the house of lights and pirates, though I would like to calm the feral dogs first. Prime is a person who brings to mind my Dear, a human of sweet face but dark moods. The ease with which he digs graves worries me. Aram is of kin, though not of my people. We spoke little, and needed no words. I found these men to be cautious and [genial], though I do not know the word in the common tongue. It was never used on the Iron Route.

Second Addendum: I have again been told that my record is lacking, and my impressions are to be of the events which occurred not those I traveled with. And so. It began with screams, those of a man buried up to his neck on the southern road. Farm site explorer Dutchess McDaniels was grateful for the food and drink I offered, and spoke of kobolds who demanded knowledge of a ship leaving the Cove before heading east. I was told there was some agreement between the Cove and the kobolds regarding a ship, which seemed broken. It was decided not to pursue, and Dutchess returned to town. May you take care, Dutchess.

We slept the night on the open plains but were attacked by a human-like creature whose face struck fear into the hearts of the warriors as they came close. It seized them with claws and teeth while they stood still, taking little notice of bow or sword as we attempted to drive it away. It fled quickly, leaving only wounds on Prime to mark its passing.

I had hoped for the mine to hold diamonds to heal, but the glowing cave fungi were jewels of their own. The mice of the cave must live enchanted lives in their glow to speak the common tongue. They warned of cruel men whose tracks we followed and I returned their generosity with my rations. May they take care, their home is as dangerous as it is enchanted. A large beetle, its body and head broken, followed west. Many more large insects swarmed us as we walked north but they harmed us not, and those I traveled with did not harm them. Compassion or taking care, I was pleased with my companions. Beyond was a set of iron bars with a dwarvish inscription instructing us to turn back from Locitum, where many dwarves had died. We heeded its warning but found more bodies yet, gnolls struck against walls, gnolls drained of their blood, and gnolls crushed to the ground. We fled a moaning noise, but first retrieved the bloodless body of a dwarf for burial. On his person a message:

“Take the gnolls and investigate the mine, if the Locitum. If it is there return and report. All hail Tsaran.”

We explored east further, and found an empty kobold camp. Just north of the camp is the territory of rock beings who can meld with the stone, constructed to guard the area from trespassers. They did not pursue us as we retreated south. The sun set red through the cave entrance, and we left to put distance between us and the southeastern swamp before dark.

We slept the night within a ruined tower. Pyhora spoke of a ghost army attacking the tower on his watch, and so on mine I offered prayers for the restless spirits. One such spirit of a small boy asked me to play, but without toys or watchmen I could not. I feel regret. I promise to return to guide them beyond when my winter comes.