DM: Nastaris
PCs: Isaac, Artix, Hjalrig, Phil, Jax

Isaac stormed into the Axe and Thistles
“I need people and I need them quickly! We have to move fast if we want to try and take advantage of a mistake Malady may have just made!”
Artix, Phil, Hjalrig and myself answered his call. The plan was to quickly teleport, to the tower and grab someones body and a book, to gather more Information about the Rot. We prepared, Warding us all from death, evil and some other things as well as making sure to detect magic, and being ready to dispell any magic protection, once we would teleport to the tower.

As Isaac scryed the room we estimated our goals, he first had problems seeing anything, until Hjalrig granted him the ability of true seeing. But Isaac was unable to see the book or the body. So our Missions seemed to fail before it actually started. Isaac did another scrying on the Tower from the Outside, showing it altered and while he was looking through the mirror, Isaac saw a long lost but familiar figure.
“it can’t be….”
“A friend I had thought lost to time”
“He was called Law, and I lost him many months ago to a damnable vampire”

I remember Law myself and his sad fate, we now had a new mission.
“We may still have an option, if you all wish. If we can capture Law and bring him back, we may be able to gain significant insight into Malady’s plans”
We needed to go there, defeat Law and free him from the curse,
I summoned my Spiritual Guardians around me and Isaac teleported us near the tower, directly to Law. We arrived, Isaac already misty stepped a few feat away and Law went after him, but not without being hindered by my summoned Spirits. We also had a view on the altered tower.

Law mocked Isaac and reinforcements appeared out of a door in the air. One of those vile creatures started casting a spell. But Isaac quickly corrupted it, taking control over the Spell and redirected a deadly cloud to the caster him self and his companion, completely obscuring them.

Hijalrig summoned a spectral scythe attacking Law and I moved towords Law bringing myself between him and Isaac, pulling out my Wand and unleashed the fully powered Lightning Bolt through Law and in the direction of those two creatures in the cloud. Phil and Artx with Daimyo followed, first sending Law to the ground and then smiting him. Law exploded in black Ichor.

Isaac quickly saw some solidified black goop and took a mug, grabbing the goop. He then Issued us all to to get back, as we achieved our goal and we teleported back to White Moon Cove, but finding us on Mr. Velikos pirate ship instead of the Tavern. While we there successful and Isaac and Artix are now studding that black goop, the Rot on us seemed to have gotten worse.