Dm; Neal

The greatest bard that ever graced the greats!

My favourite silver scaled lizard and many of us were wandering Oak Town’s farmer market when a guard whether through luck or mishap just happened on Valorean, begging for his help. Ever the hero, the paladin gathered many an adventurer and I from the market to aid in the guard’s search for a lost mountain man.

With Valorean at the lead, Ruebekka closely inspecting the dirt at our feet, and I expertly watching our surroundings, we pushed onwards alongside Hamilton the mightily stinking wig of a goblin, Bert the fighter, and the oh so suspicious Memnoch, the “human”. Being human myself, I can very much tell them-us, US, apart from other things!

Ahem-Anyway, we began making our way northward, sheepishly threading the road until we just happened over a farmer whose cart had broken down. Being unable to aid the poor sod, still from the “kindness” of his “heart” he offered us all a taste at his “wares”. I, being the wise bard that I most definitely am, forwent this meal.

Continuing on in our journey, I briefly pondered if Nan would be mad at me for ditching my role as the shopping bag carrier, but thought she’d be most glad that I am following my dreams! I am most definitely glad I am not carrying around the shopping bags anymore.

For a full day, we travelled until night fell and we all decided to stop and make camp. Taking each our watches with one other, something approached us at night then. Announcing himself as Skeeter, the mountain man we had been searching for!

The goat lover

I dreaded the thought of having to end our quest so early, but the gods did not forsake me today! Skeeter’s goat had gone missing! :O

Goatman demanded we leave and search for poor lost Pippa, yet I still needed my beauty sleep. Alas, we continued our rest, but promised Skeeter we’d bring him back his beloved. Hopefully in one piece…

*Dramatic pause*

The shining sun lit up the fields of white-sheeted snow, blinding us even through our closed eye-lids and forcing us awake. A beautiful cold morning amongst the hills and frost, I took my time allowing the scenery to wash over me as the less important members broke camp.

Finally making our way further north as to Skeeter’s instructions of a cave he usually frequents with his lady goat friend.

Our mighty leader took a brief wrong turn, before we all turned to the correct path into the forest nearby, finding a carved out facade in the hillside around a cave entrance. Ominious as it seemed, my mystical senses gave me no warning of magical use in its creation. Yet the others warily awaiting someone else to take the lead, being the great bard I am I offered, to go second behind Valorean!

As we two move ahead, I kept a smart distance from the beefy meatshield, and into the cave we went. Discovering it was no cave at all but a dungeon of sorts, worked walls carved by hand surrounded us on either side.

Valorean went forth with his bulls-eye lantern, shining the way, and completely missing a door as he went!

Not wishing to get my fantastic leather gloves dirty with this murky and broken ancient door, I left it to another, who left it to another, who left it to another. Finding no traps along the way, Valorean and I inspected the first room, finding a collapsed hallway to our left, blocked off by rocks, and another hallway ahead with glowie definately 100% safe mushrooms lighting the rest of the way.

I took a few shots with my trusty crossbow toward that hallway, seeing if I can trigger any traps or surprise a hidden foe, but alas nothing occured. Seeing that the hallway was safe from my actions, Valorean moved on. As he did, one of the others opened the door, finding themselves a quant privy. Of course, I knew it was a privy, what sort of question is that?

Moving ahead, Valorean found himself at a crossroads, his right leading to a dead-end and the path breaking into two, one to his left and one ahead. I paused at the crossroads and he bravely continued onward ahead, when he noticed movement. A shadowy form with horns. Valorean, ever the fearless, made his way further in, finding that path opening into a large chamber with a massive hole in the centre, an odd altar across and a goat munching on completely 100% safe mushrooms nearby it.

The mushroom loving goat

As most of us pushed on, I the highly intellectual bard that I am, gestured for Bert and Hamilton to take the other path, trusting in my leadership skills, they both did so. Ah how wonderful, companions that listen!

While we all made our way into our separate paths, Valorean attempted to capture Pippa.

At the same time, Bert reached the end of his hallway, seeing movement he rushed after it. Finding himself face to face with a Bodak briefly, the creature scrambled away and bull-rushed into the large room towards a busy Valorean.

Battle ensued as I inspected our surroundings, I also kept away from the creature’s gaze, remembering something about these undead but not quite being able to put my finger on it.

After a skirmish, Valorean retreated in poor health, having taken quite the few blows from the Bodak.

When suddenly out of the pit emerged a bony monstrosity so terrifying that even Pippa, an expert on, them ran off unable to handle its length.

Boney bone mc.bonerson

The undead naga turned its gaze to me, and briefly I lost myself in them, yet broke out with sheer willpower. I shall not be charmed easily, vile serpent!

A great battle ensued, my magical wits and expert crossbowship alongside Memnoch’s holy power and Beck’s bear form, against the skeletal naga. Whilst Bert and Hamilton scrambled with the Bodak, it keeping them from entering the room.

All the while our mighty leader Valorean, shimmied into a corner and healed his wounds. I blame him not, even I pondered over escape at the sight of the naga! Yet I held my ground, Lionel Paragon fears no necrotic abomination!

Throughout the battle, the Naga turned to the terrified goat and set its gaze upon it. Poor Pippa unable to handle its first clash with such girth, bled all over the shrine there and fell dead.

Heroically I enhanced the senses of the bear, allowing it to strike as the serpent moved away. And just as heroically, although my boon had expired, the lingering of it allowed the bear’s hulking form to escape the beast’s lightning bolt! And the holy man struck back with hellish rebuke, reducing the abomination to bones.

As that all occured, Bert and Hamilton managed with the Bodak, somehow.

With the vile dungeon cleared up, we quickly dispatched the unholy temple into rubble, revived Pippa with a miracle, before making our way back to Skeeter, dealing quickly with a few ice elementals on our way back when nothing at all untold occurred.

After a romantic reunion between goat and man, and payment, we returned to Oak Town.

Arriving at the outskirts of town, a foolish goblin mistook us for fools, and foolishly thought it could rob us, but then foolishly realised who we were, not fools, and foolishly retreated.

Entering town, we made peace to guard Price’s mind that Skeeter was found and well.