PCs: Isaac, Shiisthel, Phil, Te’sil, Jax

Receiving the Task.
We gathered at the Swollen Tooth to meet someone called Jimmer. I’ve never met this gnome before, but Jimmer tasked us to clear out some outhouse of his. Saying we can keep what we find and even the outhouse if we want. As he just wants to test us.
The gnome did not sound very trustfully, but we set out to check on the outhouse anyway.

Jimmer’s Magical Outhous Emporioum
We easily found the outhouse, that appeared to be some portal. We went inside and the place did not look welcoming or like an outhouse, you want to stay in. It was more a cave than anything else. Isaac talked to some long dead bones. They told of some other group trapped and starved to death here. Though it was not clear how long ago this was, since at least for us, we could still leave through the portal. We found some Ring at one of the skeletons and Phil put it inside a griffin mouth, to open the door to the next room.

A Room full of Jerks
We found ourselves in a room with a lava river in the middle. As soon as Phil, myself and Isaac’s summoned earth elemental Elly were in it, fiery creatures started to emerge from all sides. With them a huge fiery Kraken also emerged from the Lava, throwing fire at us.

A good amount of little fiery creatures started to surround me. I started grinning as I knew what would happen to them in the next few seconds. Shiisthel, incapacitated a lot of them and also the big Kraken. I then called my Spirit Guardians to me, and they did quickly dispatch all of the little fiery jerks. We prepared while the Kraken was still incapacitated and then Phil smote it down quickly.

Statues and worms
In the next room, Phil solved a puzzle with a dwarven, elven and gnomish statue. He had to rotate them, but you better ask him what he did exactly. After this, we came across a room full of worms, which later turned out to be some remnant of corpses, Something was below this carpet of “worms” and opened mouths to eat what was above it. Luckily Isaac was able to fly as all over with his flying carpet. Isaac then started to talk with some voices from the next room.

Aliens and more Jerks
They seem to be trapped there by Jimmer and asked to be free, so they could take revenge. We opened the door to their room, which also had that lava river, and the creatures looked quite alien but were not hostile and as we did not like Jimmer ourselves, we had no problem helping them get their revenge.

As we opened the door, Isaac warned everyone, about some huge creature coming from the north. The little firjerks did not let wait long from them, though it weren’t this many and the alien creatures also helped to fight them Some of them had interesting weapons, which as they said are blood infused and work only for them. Another huge fiery Kraken submerged from the lava, but Shiisthel, hindered him quite well and we had no trouble defeating it.

Fooling Jimmer
Isaac helped the Aliens to escape through getting them into a demiplane and promising to let them out in a day, so Jimmer could not spy on them leaving the outhouse. Before, he send Elly down the mouth in the “worm” room, driving away, whatever was sitting below there. Then Isaac dispelled and released his elemental. On our leave, Isaac puuled Lava from the rivers and destroyed as much of the outhouse as possible. Back at the Swollen Tooth Te’sil put on some Performance, to get us a free stay for the night and in the morning Jimmer was waiting for us. Shiisthel quite strongly convinced him, what we cleared out the outhouse and murdered everyone inside and Jimmer seemed pleased.