We met Lorr and their child Carr inside town.
After loading their cart and discussing the destination, the Blood Eye Clan, we set off from town.

After just a few hours on the road, a flagpole was spotted aside the road with a strange flag.
A short discussion, as to what it might mean to cut it down, was had.
With the swing of a glaive, the wooden pole came down.
We found the elongated skull of something with sharp teeth, the flag was it’s robe.

Heading North, we came upon a crossroads. There was a seemingly abandoned fruit cart.
Our generous leader Ogis bought fruit, but many of the party were suspicious and did not partake.
We ended up camping at those crossroads for the night.

A few hours into the night, Lorr began to carry a chest over to the fruit cart.
Offering to help Ogis carried the chest to the food cart,
but upon trying to set it down his hands were stuck…
He screamed, waking up a few of us, and shortly after we were in combat.
Lorr joined the chest in attacking Ogis.
Carr and a crate leaped from the cart,
attacking the remaining sleeping party members.
Lorr and Carr revealed their true forms as dopplegangers.
We used a combination of teamwork and violence to defeat these foes.

After sleeping the rest of the night and discussing our plans, we continued up to the Blood Eye Clan.
Upon arrival, we found out some information from a guard.
Lorr and Carr had been missing after heading out to deliver fruit.
We informed the guard of what had happened and offered to return the produce.

Leaving the area of the Blood Eye Clan, we made it just about back to where we had camped the prior night and set up camp there again.
With a night in complete contrast to the previous, completely uneventful.

We headed out in the morning, passing by a spring that wasn’t there on the way North.

Coming back east we could hear chittering, and upon cresting the next hill we saw a small group of hill goblins torturing a boar.
After slaughtering the little goblins and prepping the boar, we made it back to town.

Split the remaining contents of the cart and went our separate ways.