The Tsaran problem has reached critical mass.  Neathy scouts had reported him gathering his cultists into a stronghold in the Jub Jub mountains.  The intelligence they gathered spoke of him trying to bring about a great scourge.  A shared memory gave a group of us the vision of Blood Giants wreaking havoc on the land.

A group of us made our way to the scouted entrance and took a quick look around.  The main entrance seemed well trafficked by maybe fifty or so individuals.  We decided on exploring one of the side entries and soon ran into a giant rat man.  He confronted us and apparently told tales of killing some bandits recently.  I couldn’t understand him or his creepy looking friend.

Do they LOOK friendly?

Part of the group seemed to wish to negotiate with these… guards but most of us weren’t for leaving them at our rear.  They had mentioned some goods that they were keeping for Tsaran and that was enough for me.  I attempted to incapacitate them with my bardic spells, but they rushed the attack before I had a chance. 

It was a relatively quick battle with Naal taking their heads as trophies.  A few picked locks later, Panzer was holding a very magical scroll.  When he attempted to read it however it crumbled in his hands.  C’est la vie.

Further into this mountain stronghold we encounter two devilish looking creatures.  They spoke directly into our minds.  I did my best to bluff saying we were new recruits, but they didn’t seem convinced. 

I’m not convinced we ever had a chance!  These beasties wielded axe and spell with equal skill.  They dispelled our magics and mind-controlled the strongest among us. Beaten and bloody we managed to escape with our entire party.