Dm: Neal
Session: Stand Trial Part 2

I, Kavor, Daffodil, Sammal, Thoradin, Dexter & Blue were approach by a guard as we we’re relaxing in the Axe and Thistle. He told us that a dangerous fugitive had escaped the town. Apparently he were dangerous and insane, so we agreed to travel towards the Blood Eye Clan encampment, where WMC scouts had recently spotted him.

We sat out immediately towards the camp. With no troubles we made a lot of ground on the first day. Doing our night watches we saw the most peculiar thing. A corpse fell out of the sky. Overgrown by a purple fungus it eminated a lot of spores. We quickly burned the body and moved camp, as to not attract any diseases.

Morning comes as we move towards the camp. On the way we meet a small group of Hobgoblins. All woman, kids and elderly. One of the elders meet us and tried to warn us not harming any of them. After some convicing we finally got him to calm down and ask about the Blood Eye Clan. He told us that something bad had happen up there, but he wasn’t quite sure exactly what.
Luckily for us some logs from other adventures had described a rumour about a blue Oni ravaging and attacking the camp. True enough. As we got to the camp, we saw movement of a Blue Oni in the camp.

We skillfully set up an ambush. First our enemy send to Hobgoblin Guards to attack us. Both sides knowing we we’re allies we told them to stand down, though it was clear they were scared of the Oni, despite being unwilling to attack us. Luckily for us Dexter was quick thinking hitting them both with a sleeping spell. As one of them fell unconcious, the other quickly followed suit and pretended to be asleep.

The Oni had no other choose, but to meet us in battle, yet we didn’t see him. That is until Sammal revealed that he himself is quite smart. He had though this Oni before and knew he could be invisible. So he cast see invisibilty and guided our arrows towards the target. With difficulty we managed to get a few hit to him. Sadly he managed to get to Dexter he promtly fell to his Glaive, but not before Thoradin got him up with a healing spell again!

The fight progress and we we’re slowly winning. With skillfull magic, disabling effects and true arrows we eventually dwindled him down. At the high off the battle, Sammal manage to hit him with a masterfull shoot knocking him unconcious. He fell through the roof of the howel and Dexter promtly set it on fire.
Looking back on it. It wasn’t the smartest choice, but in the heat of battle it worked out perfectly. We all waiting for him to run out of the building an as he did, we all toke our shoot and he fell dead to the ground.
With a quick celebration and a small talk with the King, we found out that apparently a carnival had been through and the Oni toke the oppertunity to attack and eat a lot of the hobgoblins.

Inside the throne room corpses were strewn around the floor. It was a revolting sight. But at last the danger was over and the Hobgoblin had been saved. We stayed the night and went back to WMC. Happy and exhausted we came back knowing we had done a good deed, saved what was left of a small village and completed our mission.

I can go to bed with a good conscious tonight.