DM Geokhan

Zak, Joule, Valorean, Vraela, Yatari, Hanna, Ogis, and Nahil.

Well the island continues to be an interesting place.  I heard a rumor the other day of something having to do with returning orbs and that sounded interesting so and Yatari swore she knew where we had to go and what we had to do… After a small road trip of Katashaka, we finally ended up at the temple where I met an individual named Yassarion…I think that’s how it is spelled. Anyway, he was like wtf are these orbs?  I don’t need those; I need a key.  The key that many of my companions had died and toiled away to get.

Joule pauses in her story telling thinking of Eye-sac and Sender

We went back to White Moon Cove to use the portal to go back to the archives to get the key though we kept the orbs as a just in case even though they turned out to be for nothing after all.  We went back to Yassarion and his temples and he explained he needs the key to keep Godzilla locked up….I don’t think that is actually his name but I forgot to get the spelling of it before we left and that is close to how it sounded.  Anyway, this priest guy performed a ritual to cleanse his temple of a blight like evil that would let loose Godzilla and the ritual resulted in several skeletons appearing and what was clearly an evil man.  I was not sure what happened at first, but I seemed to have hit a latent growth spurt while in the temple and got YUGE! 

“Big Joule and the Boys”

I was able to take out quite a few skeletons with Ogis by my side before I ran to try and assist with this evil caster.  He did something to though and my large form was not hardy enough to shake it off and I was knocked stunned.  I did not see who finally finished him off, but I was told later it Valorean.  The evil old guy was apparently going after Yassarion there at the end.  We stayed at the temple the rest of the day to investigate why this ritual of cleansing was needed in the first place.  I am neither investigator nor caster, so I just relaxed and bemoaned the fact that the my new size did not stay.  I would have quite enjoyed finding the big, fiery giantess of weeks ago in my new large form.  I am still curious about her.

Other than all that, the only other thing of note that was found during our Katashaka road trip was a dead body that looked like it had been drained of life though some sort of ritual. This place gets weirder and weirder.