About about a half days travel outside of Jubb Jubb, before dawn

Tehran, Manek, Grimlock, Gin, Babuska, Jevin, Lionel

The Game Plan (Meme courtesy of Jacksus(Yutari))

The kobold and I (I can’t remember their name, my apologies) were on dawn watch. the night was bitter cold, but the fire was warm, and I kept my hand nimble playing soothing melodies on my lute. All of a sudden, a strange sound carried over to us on the breeze. A baby crying. I know, right? -30F and there’s a baby in the middle of the wilderness. You would be right to be skeptical, like I was.

Anyway, We roused the others and looked around. True enough, a baby. In a cage. In the middle of nowhere. Tehran, Manek, myself, and a couple others go to investigate. Not a moment to soon, the little tyke starts screaming bloody murder. I thought the wolves the night before had been bad enough, but this was crazy. After that everything kinda happened at once. Tehran went crazy and attacked Manek. One of the others handed me a flask of holy water, and I ran up and threw it in Tehran’s face. Useless! Whatever it was clearly didn’t have an unholy origin.

Manek eventually managed to immobilize Tehran, thank fuck. I was right next to the guy, and could’ve ended up much worse off! Lionel tried to blow up the baby with a Shatter spell, but that did fuck all, as awesome as it would have been for that to end it. Once we got up close enough, we could see that the baby in the cage was a miniature Tehran. Sounds crazy, but it was Tehran, except small and kind of blue.

After a moment, it started screaming again. Tehran snapped out of his stupor, only for Gin to now fall into it. I managed to get way back baby/cage/abomination with my one-a-day invocation of Chromatic Orb. The blast of acid (No, not the fun kind) hit home, but did fuck all to the cage. At this point most of us were either next to the thing or trying to hold down Gin, when Grimlock, the mad bastard, grabs the cage baby and hurls it into the air, and down onto the rocks. After another minute of hitting the cage, it breaks and the baby dies. Turns out, the dame thing was a godsdamned Fetal Savant. According to the government official we talked to in Jubb Jubb, it’s one of the tactics used by the cultists we were heading there to investigate.

And that is how, on my first job on the Island, I helped kill an evil baby. Welcome to Sleeper Island indeed, Friend!