Well, I had my first adventure on the Sleepless Isle this week – and damned near my last.
I just happened to be wandering around the town, looking for something to keep myself busy, when I ran into a group of adventurers in need of a scout. They seemed an amicable bunch, and their leader happened to be rather interesting – a Tiefling sorcerer who also happened to be a pirate, as I am! Captain Kita allowed me to join her group, tasked with bringing a keg to a friend of hers, and we immediately set off, with myself being trusted to take on the role of Scout.
Along with Kita was her first mate, a Lizardfolk named Gax, another Lizardperson, Kaleb (though I don’t think they’re related), a chap named Medicus, and another named Zauberer. To transport the keg, a makeshift sled was created using a shield and some rope.
Our first day was uneventful, and we made our way along the Western Road before making camp for the night. The night was uneventful, taking turns on watch and sipping from my flasks.
We carried on the next day, along the southern fork in the road, and reached our destination without incident, and met with Kita’s friend, a fellow named Brock ). Lee (and I absolutely did not giggle at his name, that would be disrespectful.). He also presented Kita with an ornate bauble – a doorknob, encrusted with gems and what we later established was brass. It transpired that this was the Doorknob of Ezekial, and would come into use later in our journey.
In return for the keg of ale, Brock allowed us to remain in his lair overnight, providing us with a feast of freshly butchered pigs, some of his ale, and what was left in my flasks. While chatting the night away, and exchanging tales of the area, one of his to companions (two Ogres named Dee and Dum), knocked over a statue of an Orc, though this was soon mended by use of magic.
During our stay, Brock also spoke of an interesting creature, something he refers to as a Solar Bear. Seemingly it only appears around the winter solstice, near his lair (the location of which I will not disclose), but over the past three years he and his companions have failed in tracking it down. He plans to make another attempt this week, and while I would love to be a part of the group, I am unsure as to how I would fare against such a creature.

The following morning, we set off to find a cavern, previously explored, though not fully, by Kita, Gax, and some others. On our way, we learned that the door knob was one of which there were some rather interesting rumours – rumours of portals to alternative plains if I remember correctly (I’ll admit, I was rather overwhelmed by the entire thing, and possibly a little hungover). Gax at one point attempted to use the knob to open a portal, and while it didn’t exactly work, it did glow a little!

We eventually reached a rather dishevelled looking cavern, with worked stone walls and a flagstone floor, and found evidence of creatures having recently passed through, though we were unable to establish what these creatures were. They had legs though, so we knew that much.
As we travelled down the passage, we passed an opening to our left, continuing straight on, but noticed a sulphuric stench as we went.
We rounded a few corners, and came upon a door that had previously been broken down (by Kita and Gax), but upon trying to pass through into the room beyond, Medicus, who was in the lead, was attacked by what transpired to be a Nothic, a dangerous creature – though I must admit, I felt it had a rather charming smile.
Various attacks using spells and weapons were made, Kita was unfortunately blinded, though temporarily, and retreated to the back so that others could take on the creature. I fear I got a little carried away with myself, and caught myself running down the corridor and leaping over the beast as I cast a spell, which it didn’t take too kindly to. His displeasure was made evident when he took multiple attacks against me, and, well, you know that near death experience I mentioned in the title? Well, it did a fair amount of damage, and knocked me unconscious, and prone. I really must invest in some armour if I’m to do any more adventuring.

I’m not entirely sure what happened while I was at Death’s Door, but someone ended the nasty little bugger, and the group began a short rest.
However, our rest had barely begun – and I was still unconscious – when some other creatures appeared. After he healed me, I remember the look on Kaleb’s face – these creatures, Intellect Devourers, terrified him. They were however, quickly despatched by our party, in particular, our glorious leader, Kita, who defeated all three.

Having defeated the creatures, Gax went to the wall, where he found a compartment, inside which was a scroll (and I think a hand? I was still a little fuzzy), though none of us were entirely sure how to read it. Kaleb however, used his magic to establish that it was in fact Gnomish, and translated what was written – and this may or may not have been what prompted the next situation. Another of those Nothics appeared, but this was again, quickly taken care of – I managed to finish it off, which I must admit, made me feel slightly better about having been beaten in the initial fight.
Following this fight, Kaleb told us the contents of the scroll, things about brothers, experiments, and what appeared to be a fall into madness for at least one of the brothers involved – we think that the author may be Ezekial, of aforementioned knob fame.

At this point, Kaleb was getting nervous about the Intellect Devourers, and their possible masters, so we decided to leave. You know that corridor we passed on our way in? Well, just after I had passed it on the way to leave the cavern, there was a sudden noise – hissing and barking. Apparently we had disturbed a nest of Ankhegs, I’m assuming with all the racket from the fighting, and Thunderwaves etc. They didn’t exactly attack, so those at the back of the group attempted to get by, with kaleb trying to inch past it first. Unfortunately, it took a nice chunk out of him as he passed.
At this point, Kita had doubled back and distracted the beasties with a well aimed fireball, and the remaining party members were able to get out without incident.
Having ensured that any injuries were treated, we made our way back to Brock’s lair, and told him of the incidents within the cavern, and took a long rest there.

The next day we headed back to White Moon Cove, and the journey was fairly uneventful, though we did pass an interesting looking alter, but were pressed for time and kept on going – I did make a note of its location though. We rested over night, and I think I overheard someone mentioning yet another alter while we were camped out, but no action was taken there either.
Eventually however, we made it back to town, without any further incidents.

And that’s the story of how I met some wonderful folk, and almost died on my very first outing in this lovely place. Also, Kita, if you’re reading this, please let me join your crew!