DM: Geo
PC’s: Gaz/ildan/Taishina/Hanna/Bradrick/Yatari
The things I learned about tabaxi can be frightening. Apparently they are keen trackers and quicker than lightning. Lets take this one name Hannah as an example. Able to catch up with us in the middle of the wilderness. Then can wake up on the sound of a coin hitting the ground. Sadly we lost two merchants to a kobold wagon fleecing operation. They took the wagon carts and we learned of a ward of kobolds in the local area. Hannah waisted time trying to be witty and prove she can be smarter than a kobold. This was not our original mission. We continued on to try and find lady Gwendolyn. We came upon Large millipede’s instead. They proved to be a hard fight but over all we proved more than worthy of adventure this day. Disheartened by how rought the fight was the rest of the party decided to return home.