Players: Mal, Isaac, Mutis, Fridgeus, Martijn, Ramz-E

  • Left WMC.
  • Uneventful march.
  • Hunted down some game for some rations.
  • Discussed mild battle tactics/formation.
  • Gorstag performed some eldritch ritual on his zombie.
  • Shamsiel spotted humanoids moving by the road ahead of us.
  • A few of unidentified humanoids harassing a Kobold, both parties insulting each other.
  • Something about the humanoids killing a dodo(?) of the Kobold, and the Kobold accusing them of murder, and traitors.
  • The Kobold had a dog with a bolt sticking out of his rear, prone.
  • The other humanoids appeared to be a trio of bandits, passing themselves as tool collectors. They were exhorting the little critter.
  • We managed to intimidate the thugs into leaving, but the Kobold set the leader on fire. He seemed ready to mangle the little critter, who sought refuge on the cart.
Dramatization before the igniting assault.
  • Abu managed to charm two thirds of the bandits in a fashion that made them look like utter imbeciles, all save the leader of the thugs. Gorstag managed to put out the fire on the leader, and we strongly suggested them to leave bygones be bygones. The bandits, in their wisdom, decided to leave. We now had a Kobold ecstatically hugging his dog.
  • We decided to escort the Kobold, called SnuNu (capitalization relevant) to WMC, for some reason.
  • Settled down to camp for the night.
  • The night was uneventful, we delivered the Kobold to WMC and a trading post in the morning.
  • After some haggling, we managed to get SnuNu 3 healing kits, two of which we had to purchase off our own pocket.
  • We proceeded to the tavern to have the nervous Kobold mark his village in the map.
  • We managed to trace our steps back to where we made camp before and used the spot again to rest for the night, as the trip there was uneventful.
  • The following day, we reached the forest where SnuNu’s village lied, we made camp there, and found a chest in the night, containing almost 10 gp in copper and silver (mostly copper) and an abacus, so we could count the money.
  • The following day we found the village, precariously built along a mass of trees. The suspicious tribe attempted to question why Snunu brought us, strangers, to the village in their time of weakness. I put their fears aside and translated in Draconic. We then proceeded to diagnose and treat their injures/illnesses with not much success beyond treating scrapes.
Kobold Villagers
  • We were informed of a creature that attacked their original village with it’s progeny. We decided to hunt it down and return them to their homes the following day.
  • The creature was a mass of yellow goo. We send it packing, the Kobolds returned to the village, mentioned they were the Waiters of the East, and were waiting for a great green dragon to return.
Yellow opponent.