Allyan the Mother of the lapindi tribe gifted us this birdcage and it contains a message that informs us that the yuan-ti are Oppressing the lapindi this is the gist of the message that was passed to us we have also been approached by the Yuan-ti to meet with their leader.I suggest sending the more powerful to meet them, I am convinced that the cypher is a language for the lapindi people, but I am no anthropologist so it might just be a code, either way, I have included the Cypher that Ou-khan had decyphered.

Ou-khan stout of heart and strong of mind he died facing a mind flayer spawned monster we have revived him and he is better now… well aside from some lethargy he seems a bit slower than usual, but I ramble on. Do remember that the Lapindi do not care for coin and will throw money at you for getting rid of the Illithid spawn that perverts the natural land.

This is Glen the Goblin formerly a genasi of the sea’s log section have fun reading