On our way to Larry’s Library we ran into some strange things:
But first the important notes to be gathered are:

  • There is a powerful artifact that was sealed away 200 years ago
  • The star map should help us figure out the way we need to set up the Turing Key (Potentially the riddle?)
  • Once solved the Turing Key (Astroglobe) should open the way to the artifact or show us where it is to solve another riddle
  • It was sealed for a reason! Be careful!

Mysterious Monolith:
A monolith appeared with “hello” written all over it in what seemed to be every single language that exists. We poked around and even etched our own “hello” into the monolith, but nothing seemed to have happened

Copper Dragon:
As were setting up camp under a bridge in a small crevasse a copper dragon emerged. His name was Killicee and he lives in the Western Jub Jub Mountains. He didn’t eat us, just had a friendly talk and flew away.

Larry’s Library:
We entered the library and had a little chat with Larry about his wishes to be finally released from being bound to the first floor of this library and that even when torn to shreds he always seems to reappear here. before heading straight down to the basement. There were new creatures occupying the basement a triceratops and some weird salads as Fiver put it. After clearing the basement we found a glowing book that Thealia picked up and it absorbed into her as she became a potted plant for a little while. Other than that we found a fire portal that emanated necromantic energy. One way or another we were all sucked up into it.

Map of the Library

Through the Fire Portal:
We were teleported to a library with a similar style, but the only exit from here blocked by a rainbow looking veil. Hranfa tried to walk through it, but stopped and warned that it was dangerous. Near the veil, we saw a butcher knife and to our surprise, it was able to chop the veil in twain.

As the rainbow barrier was torn apart by the butcher’s knife like cloth, disgusting aberrations began slowly moving towards us. Which we dispatched after a long battle.

In this room was a phoenix drawn on the floor with a music note above it and more to the north there was a blue and red flame brazier with a statue of the demon lord in between.

To the west, we learned quickly that anyone who touches the doorknob would be teleported into the room with the runes and be forced to partake in a battle with a summoned creature. If another person touches the doorknob the room would reset and that person would swap places with the person inside the room. Additionally, if you succeeded in your battle, the doorknob was no longer visible to you.

To the northeast past the random heart on the ground in the room with the sarcophaguses, we learned that weird blood rituals were being performed here as well as two scrolls of speak with dead. Maybe they liked to mock those they killed?

To the south was a blood trail going from the wall to the crackling blue light. We didn’t return here until we were done exploring everywhere else and learn that this was, in fact, a portal that would return us back.

To the northeast through the double doors were two chests and a floating sphere with the following star chart. The group was able to figure out that this alignment of stars indicated a date 200 years ago. We took the map to show people back home and when we took the map off the sphere fell to the ground.

Next, we went down the stairs and Hrafna ran to the center and a sudden magic cage appeared around him. Two statues to our left and right began spitting riddles.

The first warned us that things would get worse if healing magic was used.
One desired food and the other desired a weapon. However, when presented these items to the statues they just fell to the ground as two blood pools began to glow. We threw these items into the respective pools before the next riddle.

To fulfill this riddle we had to get two pairs of people on each of the pillars and to tap our feet. Anyone who stepped off the pillar after appearing on it was teleported into the cage and cause everyone inside to take damage. Don’t ask how we learned this occurs.

The final riddle urged us to throw three coins into the middle of the diagrams near the north of the room. Each coin thrown into the diagram removed one of the three seals. When all three were thrown the cage finally collapsed.

The cat with wings ( King Snufflemuffin ) that Emily defeated in the challenge room flew to the throne. He told us many things but the most important things were that this place was made to be a guide to an ancient artifact. We would need to use the star chart map we found and the Turing Key as well as solve a riddle of some sort to obtain it. It also told us that the crackling blue sphere was the portal out. We thanked the kitty cat and leave the place and return home.

DM: Geo
Hrafna the Giant
Shield the Frederic
Thiala the Displaced
Ska the Spleen Collector
Cade the Warlock
Sixer the Quiz Wiz
Fiver the Tentacle Wrangler
Wolfgang the Healer
Joule the Everburning
Emily the Plus One