I shall cut to the chase since I know that the only reason anyone would return to this log is for information on the Library. It is so simple you can even just look at the images and not even need to read the text.

Overworld Route
  • Upon arriving at the ruins above the library we encountered gnolls that have taken up refuge here, I expect other creatures to take up refuge here in the future so be careful when you approach this location it is very actually pretty defendable.
  • We made our way to the entrance of the library and confirmed that a large slab had revealed the entrance, listening we thought we heard in abyssal: “Have you come to fight?”, but after confirmed it with everyone we in fact heard “Have you come to play?” which we considered worse and would avoid the source of this sound.
Level 1 and Our Route
  • Descending down we were immediately met by a large statue of a lion and a creepy noise coming from the south which we believed to be the being that desires “to play with us”
  • We first went to confirm the lever’s existence and to my belief upon leaving the lion statue’s gaze the stone slab above closed behind us, we confirmed it did in fact close.
  • North East we took the east door and our paladins sensed a fiendish evil in the North-East corner of the room and as we entered we could see a light distortion of illusion magic.
  • Searching the room we found some scrolls, but one particular scroll when read put one of our members into a rambling state that only a touch of a paladin could fix, to be fair it was the third thing we tried. Destroying the source of the enchantment did nothing.
  • Next, we approached the evil and the being yelled at us to stay back, Larry the Demon Librarian appeared before us. He wasn’t hostile and not very helpful, but at least his smile warmed our hearts and reinforced our morale to continue. He warned us that some knowledge wasn’t meant for mortal minds and would result in madness.
  • Closing all the doors behind us, we continued south to the room with the lever and a staircase heading down. The alarm spell was cast on the door in case Larry or something else were to pursue us. Also, the lever was pulled and we heard the stone slab move.
  • We continued down to the next level, here is the map of our path and the layout of the first level:
Level 2 and Our Route
  • The stairs lead us into a large circular room with the motif of a compass and in the center was a toppled over a broken statue of a woman with more stairs leading down in the east, south-east, south, and west directions.
  • We went around the compass room clockwise looking down each staircase until we got to the western one where a large three-headed creature immediately attacked us with his fire breathe form its dragon head. During this battle, many undead skeletons came at us from all the other stairs. When hit the skeletons they would cackle and even put me in a stupor (incapacitated condition)
  • After dispatching the creature and all the skeletons that didn’t get turned we searched this room and the room to the north-west before heading out.
  • We did not touch any books and thus didn’t confirm if they had the ability to summon creatures.
Updated Map of the Libary Using the Previous Log ( http://sleeperisland.eu/8301-2/ )

DM: Geokhan

Emily the Paladin (Defacto Leader)
Thiala the Wizard (Scout)
Wolfgang the Cleric (Trailblazer)
Cade the Exhausted Warlock
Ska the Spleen Collector
Sir Frederic the Secret Cleric