Dungeon Master: Tam

Player Characters: Caslech, Cober, Gaz, Rake’Snails, Tenfoll’at, Tramenor



I believe by now you know who I am and my physical state at the moment (whether I’m dead or alive, or worse if HE found me). Anyway, this friendly group of adventurers have been talking about exploring this island to the southeast of White Moon Cove. Imagine an island by an island! If it’s a safe place, I could just hide there, but who knows what’s awaiting us. Off we went, we boarded the boat and some other individuals came with us. I asked Cober who they were since he knows everything for whatever reason and apparently they were peasants helping us with the ship. I will need Coco’s help to keep an eye on everyone on board today.


An hour or so after we set out, the party noticed a huge thing in the water. Eager to see what’s up, Gaz tried to have a look into the water and saw a big shadow moving away. He then quietly went to Cap’n Snails and whispered something to him. The next thing I saw was Snails grabbing a chicken, killing it and throwing it off the stern! He was feeding that giant thing I suspect! Tramenor seemed sad that he threw the chicken into the sea.


As we continued, we saw some masked tortles on the coast of the mainland. Why would they be masked? Are they trying to hide? Caslech hoisted the flag of WMC and the tortles disappeared into the swamp. A few moments later we heard the sound of drums, but we kept sailing forward. Our ship finally approached the tip of Tortle Island as duskfell on us. Gaz went fishing for food, but for some reason prefers spearfishing in the water. The next thing we heard was Snails asking us to help Gaz as he was getting attacked by sharks. I wonder how Snails knew there were sharks out there. A few minutes later, Caslech jumped into the sea and appeared on the deck with a shark. What on Earth was happening here? Our Captain threw a net and had the crew pull him back. He looked a bit bloodied, not sure what he did under the water, but usually you look cleaner when you come out of the water, but Gaz, oh Gaz, he is special.


Just as we finished our delicious dinner, prepared by Gaz, one of the crew members pointed that we were being followed by a vessel. Hmmm are we the only ships sailing in the vast waters? I would think not! That is definitely suspicious the ship should choose to approach us of all the ships on the sea! As the sailing vessel approached, a male gnome introduced himself as a merchant. He goes by Professor Trinklewurtonburg! What a long name, I don’t think I’ll remember it that’s why I’m noting it down. For an exotic animal trader, he didn’t seem to have a lot of animals, but Cas bought a rhinolizard for Tramenor. Not sure why Cas would do that, what are his incentives? Hmmm I better keep an eye on this one.

After this interaction, we all went to bed. During my night watch, I witnessed the most beautiful starry night I’ve seen in my life.


Everyone was up in the early morning. Cober sent Anhinga to scout ahead and was minor illusioning what he could see through her eyes. I grabbed some scrolls, a quill and started mapping the new area we’ve been exploring. All of a sudden Caslech pointed out that the water was behaving weirdly. If a creature were to attack a ship, with Tenfoll’at on board, who do you think they would attack? You got it right! Of course Tenfoll’at is the target! Fortunately I was in Leomund’s Tiny Hut and it missed me, HA! Jokes on you! Alas, it grappled Caslech and pulled him into the water. As we looked closer once we defeated the creature, the party came to the conclusion that it was a giant octopus.


The ship continued to sail south and we faced a whirlpool; thank goodness Captain Snails maneuvered the ship around it. After this event, Snails talked to Gaz and he brought some chickens and threw it overboard. I am seriously confused about who these individuals work for, but I was trapped on the ship with them, there was no escaping. Caslech pointed out something again in the water, this time it was a giant glass bottle. One of the crew members found a piece of paper in the bottle. Tram thought it might belong to a giant and grabbed the parchment. Evidently it was a heartfelt poem written by a giant. We had some nice seafood for dinner and went to our cabins for the night. My night watch was pretty quiet. The only noise and presence around was the whales swimming close to our ship.

I wonder if they could fly like Matilda’s friends, hmmmm.


When we woke up the next day, Tram and Cober mentioned they saw some giant crocodiles close to the shore. Most of the party members wanted to go check them out as we’ve never seen those creatures. After a long discussion, the party decided against trying to capture one of the giant crocs. We kept sailing around the coastline of the hidden island. Once we were done mapping this unknown territory we headed back to WMC.

We did not see many dangerous things on the new island yet other than the giant crocodiles, but Sleeper Island looks pretty safe from the outside and if you’ve read my reports so far, you’d figure it’s nothing close to safe around here. I shall go ponder about this adventure, the possibilities of moving there to be away from those nosy adventurers.