We headed out a party of twelve to solve a mystery
embarked on a simple case, not to write history,
of some missing milk delivery to ruined oak
and found on a nearby farm a cunning bloke.

He knew of a cure for the cows now suddenly ill
and as seasoned adventurers we all knew the drill.
A herb in a cave near the fork of rootmor river
and half headed out, we knew now what to deliver.

The other half stayed to protect the cows off the farm
and make sure they all would not suffer any harm.
This story is about those whom for the herb went to track
a tale about Enyaw, Tal’va, Pawe, Ronda, Dimble and Zak.

The scout was Enyaw the strong, but also the wise,
leaving nothing unseen with a second pair of eyes.
Tal’va the artificer with her goggles of the night
and crossbow in hand showed everyone her might.

A tabaxi named Pawe was our tracker of the hills
with his staff and his claws he delivered the kills.
The fists of Ronda had half-orc power and grace
grappled the fiends and foes and held them in place.

The shortest of all was Dimble the nimble gnome
had blood from a dragon and liked to freely roam.
Last but not least was our leader, a githyanki named Zak
with sword and shield in hand he had everyone’s back.

After the second day on the road we came upon a hole
we now found ourselves close to reaching our goal.
It was chilly in there and had a picture of Taezes
cautious we were not to find ourselves in pieces.

Ronda grappling the dragon. Picture edited by Ok (Pawe)

Ronda the mighty, the white dragon she grappled
Taezes The Powerful One was stunned and baffled.
Hacking and slashing as the foe by Zak was knocked prone
never the birds eye view of its banes its eyes were shown.

As the melee and struggle with The Powerful One raged
wyrmlings of the dragon’s kin in the fight engaged.
A hot battle in the cold left Ronda in the ice frozen
but of the healing of Tal’va, Ronda the brave was chosen.

While licking our wounds a party came forth to attack
the treasure of gold we hadn’t even managed to pack.
Cultists they were with a familiar scorpion flavor
from the giant arachnid Pawe the quick was our saver.

Home we went, event less journey for our marry band
and saw the other group had saved the farmers land,
from the scorpion worshipers and sent them off the map
the ones who had sent us into the frost dragon trap.